Introduction: DIY Plastic Jellyfish Lamp

Hello world, today I will be teaching you how to make a hanging jellyfish lamp for kids, using common household materials. It's easy, friendly, and lots of fun!

Step 1: Materials

The most important materials that you probably don't have at the house is the special glowing beach ball.
- Supreme Glow 24 inch glow beach ball

The rest is pretty simple,
- seran wrap any kind (cling wrap)
- transparent trash bag
- LED light bulb (pointy shaped)
- A candelabra base socket for the light bulb
- white translucent or acrylic paint.
- a jellyfish colored paint, acrylic or translucent.
- a sponge

Step 2: The Beach Ball

First step is easy, inflate your beach ball.

Step 3: Cover the Ball

Put your inflated beach ball on a table with something to keep it steady. Make sure the hole for inserting your light is on top. Start placing layers of seran wrap across the top of the ball with even length on both sides. You can cut them whatever length you like depending on how long your want them to hang. I cut mine around 8 feet. Make sure you keep placing them untill the sides of the ball are completely covered.

Step 4: Insert the Light

Pat down the wrap so they stick to each other. Then, pinch the top of the wrap and cut an X about the same size as the beach ball hole. Make sure you don't cut the actual ball. Then, pull a little bit of the inner beach ball layer out of the hole to make it easier for your light bulb to slide in. Insert your LED light bulb with the wiring attached and tape the X closed so it stays inside of the ball when you are ready to hang it.

Step 5: Taping the Wrap

Now with your seran wrap in place, grab the bottom of the strips and turn your ball upside down on the table. Tape around the strips close to the beach ball to keep them together.

Step 6: Cutting the Top

Cut open your clear trash bag to make a flat rectangle. Fold once across horizontal and then once vertical. You should have a quarter of your flat rectangle now. Cut a rough quarter circle into your bag along the open edges using scissors. Make the edge about 1 1/2 - 2 feet long on each side. You should end up with a 3-4 foot circle when you unfold it.

Step 7: Painting the Top

After you have your circle cut, put it on a table or the floor where you can paint it. Make sure it is not a windy place. Put a thin layer of white paint on your circle using a sponge. Spread it in a circular motion around the center. I used translucent paint, but you can use acrylic paint mixed with some water to make it thin. After you have a nice white texture, paint the edge of your circle with your desired jellyfish color. Feel free to add some organic-looking lines, have fun with it!

Step 8: Painting the Body

After you have your top painted, start to paint your seran wrap with your translucent jellyfish color. I would hold the end of each strip and wipe it with the sponge to do this. After the strips are painted, finish the body untill the whole piece is roughly covered with your color.

Step 9: Attaching the Top

Cut another X in the center of your painted circle. Then, put the end of the lightbulb plug through this hole. Now, slide your circle down the wire untill it is on top of your ball. After this, you're done!

Step 10: Enjoy!

With your piece finished, find a place to hang it, plug it in, and enjoy!
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