Introduction: DIY Platform for the Tank - the Bluetooth Control + Motion on the Line

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DIY tank platform for Arduino - Bluetooth Control (mobile app on Android App Inventor 2) + offline mode-moving along the line on layouts for Robofest competitions.

Step 1:

Платформа с шасси для танка

Step 2:

Let's start creating a moving platform. We will use Arduino Nano as the controller. Connection diagram

Step 3:

Here's how it turned out

Step 4:

The tank will be controlled from an Android tablet via Bluetooth. We need a simple and clear system for creating code for Android, like the Sctratch system for Arduino. we will use an online editor for visual programming for Android App Invertor 2. project Page –

Step 5:

After logging in (you can use a google profile) or registering, we get to your program profile, where we can create a new project.

First, in the Design panel, we create the interface of our app by dragging the necessary components to the screen. In addition to visual components, you must add 4 non-visual components:

  • Bluetooth client from the Connectivity section;
  • Clock from the Sensors section (to get data from Bluetooth with the frequency set in Clock);
  • Notifier from the User Interface;
  • Orientation Sensor.

Step 6:

To create the code, go to the Block section.

Download aia project -

Step 7:

Creating an app and uploading it to your phone

Step 8:

Write the code for the tank on the Arduino IDE and upload it to the Board

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