Introduction: DIY Playing Card Holder

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Hello there!

When I was a beginner in Playing Cards with my friends I've always wondered how do they hold their cards so well.

That was the time when I came up with this Card Holder and it helped me out pretty well.

Here i'm gonna teach you how to to do it on your own.

Step 1: Materials Needed

For making a card holder all you need is

  • Any old CD or unused one
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Paper clip

Step 2: CD Cut

Now take the CD into your hand gently and cut it into half using a pair of Scissors(a strong one)

Be careful while cutting the CD because it is so delicate like if you try to apply a little more pressure it will definitely break apart!

Step 3: Use the Tape

Now take the torn apart CD and use the tape to attach it together so that it will be flexible enough to open and close.

Tape it at the sides that which are cut in the previous step.

Now you have a flapping Disc!

Step 4: Add the Clip

Now that you have the flapping disc,

take it into your hand and fold it into one side and add the paper clip at the bottom as shown .

Now that you are done making the Card Holder I also gonna show you how to add cards into it.

Step 5: Let the Game Begin

Now you have the card holder and it's time to play.

Take the cards into your Card Holder through the Curved part.

Arrange them well and good, this you'll get from the experience but anyway i'm gonna show you how to.

Grab the Card Holder, be the King of the game!

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