Introduction: DIY Pocket Shot (Video+Slomo Demos)

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In this project I'll show you how you you can turn an innocent looking balloon and a juice bottle into a pocket sized destruction machine.

If you don't prefer to read, you can skip it and watch the video instead where I have explained all the steps in detail. If you do, then continue reading the written steps along with pictures in the following steps.

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Let's move to the first step to see what you'll need.

Step 1: Get Started

Basically All you need is:

1- A plastic bottle with a rigid neck section and wide enough to shoot small ammo.(I used a gatorade bottle)

2- A standard sized ballon.

3- Some ammo to shoot

Grab your bottle and cut off the the neck using a saw or a serrated knife. There is a raised line running along most bottle necks which can work as a guide for cutting it straight through.

Next sand the cut area with a sanding paper so it doesn't damage the balloon later.

Next take a balloon and cut it about 1 inch below the mouth, we'll need the lower section.

Step 2: Finish It Off.....And Shoot!

- Now take off the plastic band from around the bottle's neck but be careful not to cut it. We'll need it later.

- Pull up the balloon around the bottle neck from below keeping the threaded mouth of the bottle open. Make sure to pull up the balloon all the way to the brim.

- Now carefully place the plastic band we removed earlier making sure not to damage the balloon.

- finally roll back the balloon down and over the band. This will give enough resistance to the balloon so it doesn't come out when we pull it.

- With this our pocket shot is ready to shoot.

- Grab some ammo. I used some pine cone looking things from a tree nearby as my soft ammo and steel bearings as the real deal. But you can get creative with it.

- You can check out some demo shots including slomo glass bottle mayhem in the video and in the animated gif file on the intro page of this instructable.

When you're done playing with it, you can simply shove the balloon inside the cap, place some ammo inside and close the lid for easy pocket storage.

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