Introduction: DIY Police LED With PCBWAY

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Delta hack today will show how to assemble a police flasher using simple electronic components based on a printed circuit board.

At first you can see video instuction

Scheme and board template you can download here. Let's go.

Step 1: Diagram and Pcb

Image shows a diagram of the device.

First we need a PCB. This time we use the PCBWAY service.

Free 10 pcs for New Members:

We upload the file with our project to the site and after 5 days we get the boards we need.

Step 2: Board

On the image you can see all the names and the number of components that we will need for the project.

Step 3: Leds

First of all, I decided to solder the LEDs.

It is very important to observe the polarity of the diodes. This is clearly visible on your screens.

Step 4: Other Components

Observe the cleanness of all components and install them in the right way. I recommend buying 1-2 units more in order to replace if they fail.

Step 5: Frequency

At the last stage, solder the 9v battery socket.

The device is ready! Great reason to scare the naughty neighbors by the police. Using Potentioneter - you can change the frequency of flashing bulbs.

Step 6: Police Here!!!

We decided to use this device in the car. Be careful - this is illegal. But we did not go on a public road.

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Good luck