Introduction: DIY Portable Fan

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as summer had arrived we all are suffering from very hot and dry wether

and when we are playing with friends in the park its really a pain because of the hot wether so this is it

i am going to show you how to make a portable fan which will make you cool

Step 1: Tools Needed


power supply(example 9v battery)


battery connector

some basic tools

this is all you need to make a portable fan

it costs only under 2$

Step 2: Heat Up the Soldering Iron

just connect the motor with the switch to the connector and hot glue it together

note before gluing take your propeller and test that whats direction its throwing the air if it is on the wrong side then just side then just switch the wires of the motor with each other

Step 3: Its Done

you are already done thats how easy and fun it is to make a portable fan

it consumes around 50 to 100 mah

so it is going to give you a better battery life

check out our youtube channel and see it in action

our facebbok page