DIY Portable Fume Extractor

Introduction: DIY Portable Fume Extractor

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Hi all!

At the workplace, we often need to etch some circuits and for those of you who have tried it, you know how important to do it in a properly ventilated space, if not outside. That wasn't really an option for us so Paul Strohmeier and myself decided to build an inexpensive portable fume extractor.

You will need: 
1x Under the bed storage bin with hinges (or similar) (link)

2x 120mm fans

2x 92mm fans

1x 20ft 4" duct (link)

4x metal duct to duct connector (link)

1xATX Psu (or some other source capable of powering the fans)

This is just an example list, by no means you need to stick to it


Putting everything together:
1- Drill 2 holes in one of the side of the lid (refer here for approximate dimensions)
2 - Attach the 2 120mm fans on the inside of the bin (make sure the frame is facing up)
3 - Glue 2x metal duct to duct connector around the fan holes.
4 - cut the duct in half and attach each half to a metal duct connector
5 - repeat the process for the end of the duct
6 (alternative) - because we had a pre-drilled wall with 92mm fans we connected the ducts there so we have 4 fans blowing air outside. You may want to use just the 2x 120mm blowing out the window. Should suffice for most applications!

Images should be self explanatory!

Hope this helps and have fun etching


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    8 years ago

    Would I still need this if I had windows open like a feet or two away from my workbench? Ive been using lead based solder for a while now with windows open and I dont know if it has been poisoning me or not


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Absolutely. Although for soldering I would search for "soldering fume extractor" there's a bunch on Instructables.

    Here they describe some of the hazards of oslder fumes:

    Additionally, in the comments section of this Instructable: there are a number of additional sources!

    Hope this helps!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Well, it depends on what you are doing. We designed it for etching circuit-boards, which is a lot more toxic than soldering. I cant imagine any way this would be practical for soldering.

    I would advise you to simply use led-free solder. Once you have gotten used to its slightly different behavior its just as good.