Introduction: DIY Power Resistor

First , hello , I am glad to be here on

This is my first instructable.

This is one simple way to create power resistor at home.
I needed 0,33 ohm resistor with some larger wattage so I decide to create one, instead of buying one. I always say, creating is much more fun then buying.

Step 1: Video

I created small video with these steps

Step 2: Coating Mass

You will need jointing filler to create mass for coating, to protect resistor wire from oxidation, and to provide heat transfer from wire to environment.

Step 3: Prepare Wires

You need one old high wattage resistor ( I had one 10W 100 ohm ) to use wire from it.
You will have to destroy it, and take high resisting wire of desired length-resistance. You also need some copper wire as connectors.

Step 4: Prepare Mold

Also you will need small piece of tin to create mold.

Step 5: See Results

This is semi finished, and finished resistor after drying.