Introduction: DIY Power Supply

Today I will show you how to make power supply for labaratory. Whole power supply is in modules.

Step 1: Cutting Parts and Making Box for Power Supply

In this step i cut parts from wood to make box

Step 2: Cutted Parts for Box

Dimensions for box i won`t tell you, because I made box for dimension of my power supply.

Step 3: Sander

Step 4: Now We Compose the Box. Then We Make a Hole for Connector.

I reccomend to put a tape on wood (or u shoulld use metal if u want to) on that way u will get nice hole on front size.Buksna - connector which I used is 4 mm , and as seen in the picture , this plastic is 8mm and use of 8mm drill bit . This plastic is an isolation and the connector in the event that is set on a metal surface.

Step 5: Putting Connector-buksna on Roght Place

Step 6: Putting Powersupply in Box and Soldering Wires

this powersupply i took from DVD for TV

Step 7: Glowing

When I have all stuck with glue for wood, edge I pinned it with a hot glue gun to glue --- . So that all that remained tightly wrapped up with tape so to keep everything in place.

Step 8: Finish

This is how looks well made power supply of +5V, +12V and -12V. Just a litle finishing up and that will be it

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