Introduction: DIY Pull Out Trash Cabinet

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In this Instructable I'll show you how to make a DIY Pull Out Trash Cabinet to hide those trash and recylcing bins while keeping them easily accessible.

If you want to see a little more detail on the build you can head over to my DIY Pull Out Trash Can post on my site.

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Step 1: Get Your Materials and Tools

Here is what you'll need for the build. The links below are affiliate links and help support my channel and let me build more projects.

Tools Used


Step 2: Make and Install the Cleats for the Drawer Slides

To mount the slides I made L-shaped cleats. I ripped a 1x6 into 2 pieces for the uprights and then used a plywood offcut for the base. All pieces were 22" long. This was scrap material I had, but you could use 1x4's for this too.

I assembled the L-shaped cleats with pocket screws and glue then drilled 1/4" mounting holes in each one. I used a framing square to align the cleat perpendicular to the front edge and inline with the face frame.

I predrilled holes and attached the cleat with pocket screws. The oversized holes in the cleats leave a little room for adjustments if needed.I repeated the same process on the other side of the cabinet.

Step 3: Build the Drawer Box

For the drawer boxes I cut four 5-1/2" strips of 3/4" plywood from a 24"x24" piece. I cut the sides to 22" long and the front and the back to just over 15-1/2". Watch the YouTube video for a tip on how to get the drawer box the exact right width to fit between the slides with no hard measurements.

Next I cut 1/4" grooves on the inside bottom of all the parts except for the back panel which I cut to the width of the other panels above the groove.

I drilled pocket holes in the front and back and assembled the drawers with pocket hole screws. I cut a bottom panel to fit the drawer then finished all the parts with a water based poly before installing the bottom and screwing it in place to the drawer back.

Step 4: Build the Face Face and Drawer Box Supports

I installed the trash bins and measured for a face frame to hold the bins in place. I cut the parts to size from maple hardwood, 22" x 2.5" for the sides and fit the dividers as needed based on my trash cans.

I assembled the face frame with pocket screws and then glue and clamped it to the drawer.

To attach cabinet door I made some vertical supports also out of maple. I cut the supports to 15" x 2.5" then countersunk and screwed them to the front of the cabinet. I also cut a filler strip to go between the uprights.

Step 5: Preparing the Cabinet Door

I needed to relocate the door pull on the cabinet door so I removed the hinges and door pull from the cabinet. Then I drilled a larger 3/8" hole where the pull mounting holes were.

I used a 3/8" plug cutter to cut some plugs from a cherry board and then installed the plugs in the holes I drilled out.

I pared the plugs flush with a chisel then sanded and applied finish.

Step 6: Installing the Trash Bin

I installed the 22" drawer slides on the cleat, using a 3/4" scrap to raise them off the bottom. Then I put the trash bin in the opening with 1/4" spacer between the bin and the bottom and pulled out the slides and started attaching them to the drawer.

I worked my way down one side then the other. I pulled out the drawer and added screws to the back of the slides to finish it off.

Step 7: Mount the Cabinet Door and Relocate Drawer Pull

To mount the drawer I drilled 2 mounting holes on each upright. I clamped the door in place and leveled it with the drawer above it and the door to the right of it.

When it was straight I installed the door with panhead screws from the back.

The last piece was to put the drawer pull on the top for easy access. I centered the pull on the top rail, drilled the holes then installed the pull.

I put the trash bins in place and I was done!

Thanks for reading! If you want to see a little more detail on the build you can head over to my DIY Pull Out Trash Can post on my site.

And if you like the build video please subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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