Introduction: DIY R-STRAP

Having seen this new R-Strap device on the market, I took it upon myself to make an effective DIY version for as little as money as possible. Two reasons ran the making of this

1.) I'm a DIYer
2.) I don't want to dish out $50USD then have it shipped to Canada.

The strap is supposed to help with being able to retrieve your camera quickly for taking pictures without the strap getting in your way. Also it helps relieve the strain of carrying the camera around your neck for long periods of time.

Step 1: Materials & Step 1


- Nylon luggage strap: $0.99
- Grommet Kit: $2.99
- Table/Chair Leg adjuster: $1.99
- Neck.Shoulder Strap: FREE (took one from an old laptop bag I threw out)

Step 1:

- The first step that I took was to cut a piece of Nylon from the luggage tag, it was about 2 1/2 inches in length. I burnt/singed the ends of the nylon with a lighter to prevent fraying.

Step 2: Strap Creation

To finish creating the strap, I next scored a small hole on each side of the Nylon and attached the grommets I had purchased. This made for a strong attachment area for the Neck/Shoulder strap.

Step 3: Completion

Put it all together and you get a fairly decent DIY version of the $50 R-Strap. I have seen other DIY version of this, but for the most part they have an L-Bracket or such sticking off of the end that could dig into your side, I found that this design was very easy to create and did not jab me in the side as I was using the camera.

A Final note on the Neck/Shoulder strap, you can obtain one from pretty much anywhere I have even heard of people using Guitar Straps, the best ones have a little bit of length that allows the camera to hang down around your hip as it is the easiest location to grab it from.

Have Fun!