Introduction: DIY RGB WiFi Lamp

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In this instructable I am going to show you how I build this DIY RGB WiFi lamp. The whole build actually made with arduino and esp-01(esp8266) and for the lightning I use normal RGB LED. To make it more clean I decided to install all the the things inside the lamp to avoid messy wires coming out of the lamp only a single cable is coming out for the power supply.

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Step 1: Material and Tools Used

Following is the list of material I used for this build:-

1. Arduino uno ( you can use other as well like nano)

2. ESP8266 ( esp-01 )

3. Jumper wires

4. Hot glue

5. Fevicol

6. LED ( 5mm )

7. Wooden sticks

8. Soldering iron

Step 2: Building Lamps Structure

Take wooden sticks and start making a square using four sticks at a time as shown in the images and keep doing it again and again over each other just keep in mind that while doing so you may keep a shifting the sticks a little bit inwards and also apply the fevicol to each layer in the contact points and let it dry to make it more strong use hot glue on the inner edges once it is dried, so that it can get a shape as shown above in the pictures. make two such pairs so that you can combine them after wards.

Next thing to do is to place your arduino board inside the lamp and mark the points for the USB. Cut that portion from the lamp and ensure that the hole is correct, we will be using it for power supply and also for programming it later wards.

Step 3: Electronics

Now in this step place your arduino inside the lamp and sequre it using a hot glue. Attached 3 ( you can add more ) led at th ecorners of the lamp.

Now take some jumper wires to connect all leds to arduino as per the schematics.

Now connect ESP8266 to the arduino board as per thr schematics.

#NOTE - ESP8266 works on 3.3V, 5V supply can kill it, so be carefull while connecting it to the board.

Step 4: Programming the Arduino

Don't be panic with the word programming it is very very simple even basics are also not required.

1. Go to your browser and type RemotexXY.

2. Then click on start now.

  • Then go to configuration-- Click on ardunio ide icon, after that change connection point to Wi-fi access point, device to arduino uno ( or what ever board you are using ), and module to esp8226 Wi-fi module, IDE to arduinio ide. After that click on Apply.
  • Then go to Module interface-- Change connection interface to hardware serial, speed ( baud rate ) to 115200, name ( SSID ) to what ever you want to name your Wi-fi here i had written Mood lamp, ten click on open point if you do not want any password but is you want a password then type it in password.
  • then click on view to personalize it.
  • then drag the rgb icon from the upper left corner to the mobile screen ( you can also increase its size ).

3. After that click on get source code.

4. And here you will get your code, just copy the whole code and paste it in arduino ide.

5. You will also need to download RemoteXY library and install it will your arduino ide.

6. Now you will need just to edit the code a little bit.

  • In the void loop just paste the code given above

7. Now upload the code in your Arduino but remember to remove rx and tx pins of esp8266 module for successful upload.


Step 5: Finishing

Attach the upper portion of the lamp and secure it using the hot glue.

Now its all done.

Power your arduino board with its cable. now connect to the Wi-fi ( In my case it is mood lamp ) using your smart phone. Now download the RemoteXY app from Play store or App store and get connected to your Wi-fi lamp now you can control the colour of your DIY WiFi lamp.

Step 6: Ready for the Show


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