Introduction: DIY Rainbow Paper Lampshade

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In this season of Valentine's week , I thought to make a kind of light which will give me a warmth ambiance. Then I thought to made this up with minimum supplies. Finally I did it and seriously I am pretty much happy with its final outcome. You can use it as your home decoration, can also use it as bed light, and the best thing you can place it at the centre of a dinning table and create a perfect night dating with your beloved one.

Lets start the project with minimum basic materials and a huge curved smile with your face.

Step 1: Material and Tools Used

Materials Used:

1. Shoes Box

2. Craft Paper ( Amazon India / Amazon )

3. OHP Sheet ( Amazon India / Amazon )

4. Glass Colour ( Amazon India / Amazon )

5. Spray Paint ( Amazon India / Amazon )

6. Glue ( Amazon India / Amazon )

7. Pencil ( Amazon India / Amazon )

8. LED Bulb ( Amazon India /Amazon )

9. Bulb Holder ( Amazon India / Amazon )

10. Wires ( Amazon India / Amazon )

Tools Used :

1. Ruler ( Amazon India / Amazon )

2. Paper Cutting Knife ( Amazon India / Amazon )

3. Cutting Mat ( Amazon India / Amazon )

4. Screw Driver (Amazon India/ Amazon )

Step 2: Draw Patterns on Craft Sheet

First of all take a black drawing sheet .Cut it out with your desire measurement.But make sure you are cutting the sheet with a rectangular shape. Because later we will roll the length side and breath side will give us the height of the cylinder.

Now draw some geometrical , or you can also draw some small size flowers too. Here I have drawn some Diamond shapes with free hand. You can use any geometric instruments according to your requirement.

While drawing give some extra space from the bottom side of the sheet, it will require later on.

Step 3: Cutout the Drawn Patterns

Then its time to cut out those parts into which you want the light to pass on.So I cut the inner parts of the Diamond. For cutting these I have used my hobby knife. You can use a paper cutting knife also.

No doubt while cutting it, have some patience because its the most focusing part which will give you a desire result.

While cutting it , don't not forget to use cutting mat.

Step 4: Prepare the OHP Sheet

Now its time to feel the blank place. For that I have used an OHP Sheet.

Place the OHP Sheet just over the black craft sheet and mark the outlines of your patens which you have already drawn.

Please not it down, you must keep some extra margin while marking on OHP sheet. Extra margin is require to glue these later.For better knowledge you can see the images or you can go through the attached video.

I have used a black Artist line pen which I normally used for making Mandal Arts. You can use any marker also. But use that marker which ink can remove easily. Do not not use permanent maker ,because sometimes it gives you a messy ink look.

Step 5: Cut Out the OHP Sheet

Now by the help of scissors or hobby knife you can cut these. While cutting do it carefully.

After that remove all the marker lines which you still have on the OHP Sheet.

Step 6: Glue the OHP Sheet

Now glue over the sheet as I have shown in the images and place the OHP sheet.Place these carefully , because if you do not do it properly it will give a messy gluey look.

After gluing all the OHP cut outs , leave it sometimes for drying.

Step 7: Colour the OHP Sheet With Glass Colour

Now its time for my favourite part and i.e. colouring. I have taken Glass colour which you may already have or you can buy it from any craft shop so easily.

Just press the tube and enjoy you colouring. You can do single colour shading or can do contrast colour shading, thats completely upon your choice. But must remember one thing, while colouring there surly some bubbles appear between the colours, on that particular time you have to remove those out instantly.

For that you should use a ear bud.If you wont remove it instantly , It will remain their forever and gives a bad look while lighting.

Step 8: Prepare the Shoes Box

I have collected a shoes box. You can use any kind of box. If you can manage to find any box made up of card board is good and will convenient for you. If you will use any tin or wooden box , then also its ok. It not gonna hamper your lighting part any way.

Step 9: Draw the Holder Outline

I have purchased this bulb holder.

Over the box , I have marked the holder diameter with the help of a pen.

If you have taken tin or wooden box, you have to cut it or drill it very carefully.

Step 10: Cut Out the Marked Outline

Now cut the marked part with the help of hobby knife. You can also use paper cutting knife.

Step 11: Spray Paint the Shoes Box

Now to paint the entire outer surface of the box , you can use spray paint or you can also use acrylic colours also.

Here I have use Light Chrome colour spray paint.

For a better result usr twice coats.And leave sometimes to dry.


1. While using spray paint, You must use a safety nose mask.

2. Use a hand

3. Do spray out side the home with an open environmental condition.

Step 12: Poke a Hole to Insert the Wire

Connect the wire to the holder.

Now take a screw driver and poke a hole on a side of the box.

Then insert the wire into the hole, by the time you can see the holder automatically comes into the box.

Step 13: Install the Holder

Now unscrew the top part of the holder.

Insert the threaded part of the holder into the cut out made in the shoes box.

Screw the top part with the bottom of the holder.

Step 14: Close the Shoes Box

Close the shoes box cover by using glue.

Step 15: Install the LED Bulb

Take LED bulb , I used a 3W bulb.

Now align the bulb with the holder socket, and install it securely.

Step 16: Prepare the Lampshade

Now roll the sheet and make it a cylindrical shape .

Fix both the ends with help of glue and hold it until it dry out.

Step 17: Make the Footing of the Lampshade

As I have mentioned on first step, give some extra space from the bottom surface of the sheet. Now its the time to cut that extra part as I have shown in the images.

Just cut it with help of scissors and fold the cutting part outwards from the cylinder.

Before fixing it, you should check it by placing it over a plain surface.

If your cutting lengths and the corresponding folds are not equal, it will not stand exactly vertical. So keep it mind while doing this, it a small yet must thing you have to focus.

Step 18: Glue the Lampshade With Base

After testing, put the cylindrical sheet just over the box.

Before placing glue on each of the cut pieces.Then place it over the box and press a little with your finger to a good fixation.

You have to place that in such a manner that the bulb will remain just the middle of the cylinder, so that the rays of the light could distribute even wise all the sides.

Step 19: Prepare the Lampshade Top

To cover the top portion of the cylinder we will use the sheet also.

Now draw two concentric circles, one exactly equal to the diameter of the top portion and one just 1c.m. greater than that following circle.Then cut that 1 c.m. as I have shown in the images and fold it inwards and outwards alternatively.

Step 20: Cover Up the Top

Now its like the final part of the project, i.e. you have to place it over the cylinder.

As you fold it alternatively , it works as a cap and cover very easily.

The main intention of closing from the top is, light should not go through that upper gap. If we allow the light to pass on that gap , the charm of the light which will pass through the diamonds not give a desire result.

Now switch on the light.

Step 21: Enjoy the Rainbow Colour and Warmth of the Lampshade

Now switch off the room light and see the colourful reflections of you light scattering throughout the room.Feel the warmth and the beauties of your light.

I must say it will give you a satisfactory feelings.Now enjoy it in your bedroom or can do a night dinning date with your beloved.

You can visit my YouTube video for better understanding

Thank you for reading my Instructable. Comments and feedbacks are always welcome.

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