Introduction: DIY Remote Control Switch Kit by 2262/2272 M4 Bread Board & Relay for Maker

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smart home is coming to our life. if we want smart home come true, we need many remote control switch.

today we going to do a test, do an easy circuit to learn the theory of remote control switch.

this kit design by SINONING ROBOT

Step 1: What We Need?

we can see the photo above .

and we have give you a list.

Step 2: See the Theory Diagram

we have make a simple diagram to show it,

and we have draw an diagram using bread board to show it clearly.

if you have any question, please feel free to ask me.

Step 3: Do It

use three photo to show it. just follow.

Step 4: VIDEO Guide to Make Remote Control Switch.

we have give an list to tell you what component going to use, if you
feel it difficult to collect them, you can direct buy the kit from HERE