Introduction: DIY Replacement Gas Can Yellow Cap

I knew I should have put a string on my yellow cap for my gas can. I am always misplacing it when I am in a hurry. I didn't and now it's gone. Now I have 3 cans with no cap. Very stinky trips to the gas station; luckily they go in the bed of the pickup truck.

This instructible shows how to make a replacement cap that at least works for me. Do this at your own risk and just to be on the safe side I advise against it.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Gas spout from your gas can.

The cap from a bottle of motor oil. (I tried several brands and they seem to be the same size. Not sure about other countries. I just realized a soda bottle cap MIGHT work too.)

a number 212 o-ring. (this is the number in the assortment box I purchased, I just found one that slipped easily over the spout and used it.)

Step 2: Assemble.

The #212 o-ring I used is slightly larger than the cap. Just push the o-ring into the cap and all the way down past the threads. It shouldn't just drop in. You should have to force it with just a bit of pressure down past the threads.

Now slid it on the spout. My cap fits nice and snug; actually more so than the original.

Note: I did later put a screw in the top to attach a sting tied to the gas can and paint it yellow (just because).

(This is my first ible and I thought it'd be better to share now than put it off and never do it. )