Introduction: DIY Table Saw Handle or Crank

I inherited an old Craftsman 10" tablesaw. Unfortunately, it did not have the crank handles to raise and lower the blade or change the bevel. I found a few results in my search but nothing I could make easily with materials on hand. I spent an hour or so digging through my junk and came up with the wooden handle in the photos. I meant it as a test handle but ended up using it for a long time. When it started to fail I coincidently started searching for window crank handles for my car and found a cheap universal set that fit (almost) the "D" shafts on my saw.

The universal crank handles were about $13 an amazon.

I was able to take one of the adapter rings and drill it out to fit the shafts on the saw. The were a very snug fit an required a few taps from a hammer to go on. A few set screws later and they worked beautifully. Sorry no photos before I put them on as I didn't think to document the process.

The wooden handle was simple to make.


2 bolts

3 washers

1 lock washer

1 old socket from an old 3/8 socket set I had laying around.

1 dowel nut (thanks for the info BrettHacks)

**** you could probably use a regular hex nut too.



cut a piece of wood to the length you need and want. This will vary from saw to saw. I used plywood. Don't use pine as it will split when you tighten the bolt - I tried it. Hardwood will last a long time if you have some.

For the handle I simply drilled a hole in one end. Put a washer on a bolt, put the bolt through the hole, added another washer, the socket, another washer, 1 bold, a lock washer and another bolt.

On the other end drill 2 holes close together or touching. Drill another hole into the end for your bolt. (see photo). If your bolt is longer it's ok since it doesn't have to tighten against the wood. I just used a shorter one because it was hitting my angle indicator. Insert your dowel-nut into the outside hole and thread your bolt. Slip it over the shaft and tighten the bolt so it engages the flat part of the "D" shaft. This might work with a round shaft too?

I realize this instructible is horribly done but I only had a short time to do it. I thought getting the idea out there was the important part. It's pretty simple to make. If you make one please do your own ible so people will have something better to go by.