Introduction: DIY Respirator Full Mask (plug and Play)

NOT FOR PROFIT • DIY full face mask • 100% plug and play • no 3d printing • no custom parts • global collaboration

SVCMSK: about
is a collaborative effort by @crimson_cognac, @allthatglitter11, @pewdoodles & @saslari to help protect civilians with an added layer of face protection for those times we must venture into public.

The concept is minimal and simple...use off the shelf consumer products to create a layer of extra face protection from the safety of your own home.
In an effort to be of service to the global community during this challenging time, SVC MSK project is 100% open source, free and collaborative.

Our latest design uses a scuba mask combined with a vacuum HEPA air filter to shield the entire face while continuously filtering air particulates.
We’re in this together.


G2 Snorkel Mask - link
Dirt Devil F2 Hepa Filter - link
CPR VALVE (requires 2) - link
Scotch 33 Tape - link
1" PVC Tee - link
¾" Coupling (requires 2) - link

Step 1: Step 1

Step 2: Step 2

Step 3: Part 3

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