Introduction: DIY SD Card Storage Multi-tool

Make your own SD card storage tool using clear acrylic sheets. This is a great multi-tool style storage case to keep your SD cards and micro SD cards organised and on hand, and it will easily fit into your camera bag or travel bag. You can add or remove trays for extra storage and even colour code the trays using different colour tinted acrylic for empty and full cards.


You'll need these suppliers to make your multi-tool:

In addition to these, I used a laser cutter to cut the acrylic sheet. If you don't have a laser cutter, you can make use of an online service to cut the parts and deliver them to you or even cut the parts yourself using a jig saw or scroll saw.

Step 1: Cut the Acrylic Parts

The acrylic components are cut from 2mm and 3mm clear acrylic sheets.

You'll need to use 2mm acrylic most of the pieces, including the micro SD card trays. You'll use 3mm acrylic for the trays which hold the full-sized SD cards as they're a bit thicker.

I've also included a laser engraved logo on the top layer of the tool. You can replace this with your name, a logo, a picture or your business name.

The laser cutting files can be downloaded here - DIY SD Card Multi-tool

Each tray is made up of two sections, a bottom section which doesn't have any cutouts and a top section which has cutouts to hold the cards. You can customise the top sections as you'd like so that you accommodate your variety of cards or even different types of cards, flash drives or accessories.

Step 2: Glue the Components Together

Next, you'll need to glue the fixed components together. This includes the top and bottom pieces as well as the small fixed pieces which go along one side to stop the trays and hold them in place. It helps to glue these in place with one of the M3 screws in the hole to line them up. Just make sure that you don't mess glue on it and lock it in place. To glue them you can either use this UV curing glue I used or any acrylic safe glue which cures/dries clear.

Then you'll need to make up the trays. As mentioned previously, you'll need to glue a top cutout section onto a bottom section to make up each tray. You don't need to glue the whole area, I just used glue on the outside sections and a little along the middle.

Step 3: Assemble Your Multi-tool

Lastly, you can assemble your multi-tool. I used two M3 x 22mm button head screws to hold it together and act as a hinge. Remember that you may need different length screws if you use different tray combinations.

Tighten the hinge screw enough that it keeps the trays in place without flipping open by themselves but not too tight that its a struggle to flip them out.

I undersized the holes on my bottom plate so that I didn't need the nuts, but the nuts offer a more durable solution if you're going to be using it in a bag or keeping it in your pocket.

Your multi-tool is now complete. Fill it up with your SD cards and enjoy keeping them more organised!