Introduction: DIY SPACER (AEROCHAMBER) | Covid-19 Frontliner Relief

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This DIY Spacer/ Aerochamber is made specifically for Covid-19 relief efforts. The medical community in Malaysia has seen a shortage of such medical equipment due to the rapid increase of Covid-19 cases. We are sharing this design for those who would like to help produce and equip these frontliners with the tools they need to continue the great work they are doing!

It is our hope that products such as this can be reproduced around the world through rapid prototyping for those who are in dire need of it. This initiative is the result of a request by our friends in the medical sector who have expressed a need for medical equipment such as this to help treat patients.

Please follow the steps below and make sure to share with others that may have the capacity to build the DIY Spacer/ Aerochamber too!


1) Kraft paper 250gsm (Cut into two pieces, the chamber and valve)

2) Glue (Non Toxic)

Step 1: Identifying the Pieces and Folding the Corners

Note: follow video for best results:

1) The valve is the smaller cutout.

2) The chamber is the larger piece and it serves as the body

3) Start with the valve and fold in all identifiable folding lines (fold all to one side)

4) Repeat the last step for the chamber aswell. Use all folding lines to create bends on the kraft paper.

5) Identify the small fold on the chamber piece and make sure to fold it outward as well as that will be connected with the valve piece in the next step

Step 2: Attaching the Valve Piece to the Chamber

1) Using non-toxic glue, attach the valve piece on the chamber piece and ensure the pieces are aligned as shown above in the image and in the video provided

2) Follow along with the video and or photos provided

3) It is extremely important that you ensure all sides of the valve (small piece) are glued and attached to the inside of the Chamber

Step 3: Closing the Chamber

Here you close all remaining openings according to the folds and ensure the chamber is locked.

1) Apply glue on the sides of the chambers and close it shut.

2) Close the top of the chamber by applying glue on the outside of the foldable pieces and fold them in.

3) Gently press on all folds to ensure the glue stays!

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