Introduction: DIY Satelite

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DIY satelite using water Bottles.

Step 1: Step-1-----> Materials Needed

Mainly we need the following items------>
  • One plastic bottle 2L
  • Four plastic bottles 350ml
  • Wooden sticks
  • Hot glue
  • Acrylic paint
  • Black marker

Step 2: Step-2-----> Cut the Water Bottles

Take the 2L water Bottle

and cut that bottles accordingly the marked edges.

use scissors for clear cut

Step 3: Step-3-----> Cut the Middle of the Water Bottle

Cut The Water bottle in middle make cylindrical object into plane

Step 4: Step-4-----> Cut the Bottle

Un scroll the circular bottle into linear sheet and cut approximately like a

Step 5: Step-5-----> Cut the Small Bottle

Take the small bottle cut it top portion

Step 6: Step-6-----> Joint the Small Bottle

Take that small bottle large side

And apply the glue in opened edge using glue gun

and invert the top part and and join together.

Step 7: Step-7-----> Connect Two Bottles

Take that two bottles and connect it using that small strips use glue gun for better attachment

Step 8: Step-8-----> Attach With the Base

take that bottom part of large bottle and apply the glue in back side and name it as base

Take that joint bottle name it as body and attach it with base

Step 9: Step-9-----> Preparing Back Side

Take that body and apply glue in back side and paste needle

then take that large bottle top portion and apply glue on cap side and paste it like above image.

And take that other 4 needles and brake it length according to that needle edge and paste all needles like above image

Step 10: Step-10-----> Add Wing Support

Take that small strips and apply glue and paste another strip on it . make for strip like this and paste that supports on body for the wings like above image

Step 11: Step-11-----> Painting the Satellite

Take acrylic Grey paint or white paint and apply it on satellite like above images

Step 12: Step-12-----> Preparing Solar Wings

Take that already cut large bottle strips,

and paint in blue acrylic paint

and draw the black lines using marker

and apply glue in bottom side and paste it with wing supports

Step 13: Finally Ready

Finally our DIY Satellite is ready.......

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