Introduction: Secret Place for Save Bugs

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I have shared secret places for saving your bugs from some one

1) shoes

2) drawer rail

3) Tripad bottom

4) light top

5) CD Driver

6) Shoe shiner Top

Step 1: Shoes

In our shoes we have soft layer between our foot and shoe soul.

we can open that layer normally and we can put our money between that.

its very safe if your wallet is missed u can use that money

Step 2: Drawer Sliding Rail

we have very sliding gap between sliding rail racks

we can fold our money very thin and we can save our money in between that layer

Step 3: Tripod Bottom

In Tripod we have very sufficient space .

in that space we can save our money by roll the money like that similar diameter.

The we can push our money inside we can hide it

Step 4: Light Top

In between light top part and wall bottom we have thinner space . we can utilize that.

By folding our money like very thinner and we can push that . in between that we can hide our money

Step 5: Shoe Shiner

We can open that top part because it is like snap fit.

we have good space for saving money.

like this images we can save our money easily.

Step 6: CD Driver

We can fold our money and keep in CD driver in laptop.

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