Introduction: DIY Scarf and Hat Organizer

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We just finished a makeover of my walk-in closet. While working on it, I (Steph) realized I needed a place to store scarves and hats. I checked the store for solutions but couldn't find the right thing at an affordable price. We decided to DIY something! Check out how we made this organizer with spare cabinet knobs.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

I used a piece of molding I had on hand, but any piece of wood would work. I gathered all the various knobs I had and worked out the placement- making sure to leave room for the items to fit next to each other.

Step 2: Mark Placement of Knobs

I marked where I wanted each knob, and used the Kreg cabinet jig to make the holes.

Step 3: Line Up Jig on Mark

I lined up the jig with the mark.

Step 4: Drill Holes

Then I used my drill/driver to drill through the board. This tool is great for getting all the holes lined up perfectly and for drilling nice, straight holes.

Step 5: Countersink Screw Heads

I used a forstner bit to drill into the back of the board to countersink the screw heads. This makes them flush with the back of the board so they don't stick out.

Step 6: Attach Screws and Knobs

Step 7: Attach to Wall

I used a few screws to attach the rack to the studs on the closet wall.

Done! For full details please check out!

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