Introduction: DIY - Scissor Lift

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Scissor lifts are usually seen in big sizes to help lifting large machineries and workers. However, you can also build your own in a smaller scale – just for the fun of it!

You can make this scissor lift in whatever size scale is appropriate for your own need and purpose. We have made a tiny table-sized one.

The details:

What: A scissor lift

Time: 45 minutes

Cost: around 25 DKK

Materials: MDF 6 x 600 x 600 mm

2 syringes

20ml A rubber tube

4 x 500 mm

3 strips Superglue

12 bolts

2 wooden round sticks 8 mm


Lazer cutter

Power drill


  • Created by Louise Mortensen & Mads Nilsson

Step 1:

Get your wood through the lazer cutter and loosen all the parts from each other.

We have made different sizes of platforms but we are only using the green one.

Step 2:

So you start with taking following parts:


Grey x 10

2 wooden round sticks

First you drill holes in the grey parts. Eight grey parts needs to have three holes in every part – one in every end and one in the middle. Please notice that four of the holes have to be big enough for your wooden round sticks!

The last two grey parts only needs to have one hole in both endings.

Step 3:

Now you attach your parts together with the bolts to make the scissor-looking-lift and then you take your two wooden round sticks and put them in the big holes you made. This is going to be the bottom.

The two grey parts with only two holes is at the top and this is where you glue your platform on – the green part.

Step 4:

To make the scissor lift stable you also make a bottom platform. For this you take the orange part and place the lift on one end, in the center. After that you glue two blue parts together and then in line at the end of the bottom platform, furthest away from the lift. At the other end, closest to the lift, you glue the turquoise on aligned with the lift.

On top of the blue and turquoise parts you glue the pink parts on, one on each side – making almost a square. Now your lift is stabilized!

Step 5:

The last step is putting the syringes on and making it all work!

Put one syringe in center of the lift, making sure that the pressure point will touch. Now mark two holes on each side of the syringe and drill the holes. Here you will use two strips to fasten it. Take the tube and attach it to both syringes. The other one that is not attached, you will fill with water.

Finally you mark one hole on each side of the hindmost round stick, drill the holes and put the last strip on to secure the lift fully.


AND WOILA – you have a scissor lift!

Step 7: