Introduction: DIY Shoe Waxing Hack

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waterproofing your shoes is quite a good hack. While going through some instructables i found some useful info on waterproofing shoes which i could not apply because i didnt have the major tool; A HAND first i felt bad because i knew not only would i make my shoe water proof i will also hold in the dye or polish on my shoes. So i went home to think ......alas it came to me, i remembered a painful mischievious game we use to play as kids. It was all about placing a small bit of candle on a bulb (actually this bulb was outside on the low fence) so when the candle melted, it dripped hot wax at any one standing underneath. Honestly that was painful and and wicked all u had to do was engage any kid in a conversation underthe bulb long enough for him or her to get scorched by the wax.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

the tools you will need are

  • brush applicator
  • electric bulb(200watts tungsten)
  • buffer

the materials needed are:

  • polish
  • wax residue
  • candle lighter or match.

Step 2: Procedure

Polish or dye your shoe as the case may be. Set aside to dry, apply candle wax all over the shoe and apply heat.

Step 3: Waterproofing

Two way to achieve this as i have experimented is with a candle flame onr a light bulb

Step 4: Finish

If you got to this point all you have to do is give it one more polish and buffing for the final shine.

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