Introduction: DIY Shooting Range & Roost

An easy, fun project that can help improve accuracy and precision.


  • 1 long stick
  • 4 chairs
  • 1 small folding table
  • 1 roll of twine or string
  • 8 assorted K'nex pieces
  • Nerf gun or other launcher usable indoors

Step 1: Main Targets

First take 2 out of the 4 chairs and put them back to back at the desired distance. Then, take your stick, twine, and K'nex pieces and tie the pieces on the stick as shown in the photo above. After that, put the stick across the tops of the 2 chairs. Lastly, put a blanket across the back to use as a backstop.

Step 2: Diy Roost

Take the last 2 chairs and the small folding table. First, put the chairs so the backs face the same way. Then, take the small table and put it in front of the chair. When you use the, you will rest your gun on the table and lay down across the chair.

Step 3: Weapons

You can use any weapon as long as it is a toy (no real guns) and it is usable inside (not a water gun or anything that will make a mess). I prefer to use my own improvised Thames and Kosmos crossbow since it is great with the roost, and easy to carry around.