Introduction: DIY Shuriken Throwing Stars

Make functional Shuriken throwing stars out of cheap tin disks from a hardware store.

Step 1: Materials

First off, I assume NO Responsibility for injuries you inflict on yourself or others in the making of/use of this item.

Materials You'll Need:

1.Grip-Right Fasteners tin disks ( I don't have the box to them anymore, but they're about 2-3" in diameter and you can get them at Home Depot ect for a few dollars a box(of 100ish))

Step 2: First Cut

First, cut 4 slits into the disk at 90 degrees from each other. Make sure not to cut all the way to the center.

Step 3: Second Cut

Next, cut another 4 slits in between the first 4.

Step 4: Bending

Now, bend every other leaf on the star.

Step 5: Third Cut

Now cut points in the extending leaves.

Step 6: Flattening

Now, hammer the star flat to make it easier to throw

Step 7: Final Notes

Now you're done! Try googling for throwing techniques or something.

Since this metal is very thin, it is prone to bending when thrown at a hard surface.

If you have any sharp egdes like these, throw it away! If you're not careful the star will dig into your hand when you try to throw it.

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