Introduction: DIY Simple Home Made BBQ Grill

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Hey Everyone,

In this Tutorial i'm going to present you a simple and instant way to make BBQ grill at home.

Overall Cost 3$

Things You Need:


  1. Clay Gardening Pot
  2. Charcoal
  3. Fine Sand (Normal sand is enough)
  4. Camphor
  5. Match Stick
  6. Grill Sticks (I used Bicycle Spokes - Freshly Purchased)

Step 1: Prepare the Clay Pot

Take a Gardening Pot and Fill it with Dry Sand, Here i used red sand as it looks good in camera. The sand must be dry.

Step 2: Starting the Cinder Fire

To prepare the cinder fire. place the Camphor on the pot and arrange small pieces of the charcoal above it. make sure the camphor is ventilated to burn freely as in third picture of this step.

Step 3: Setting the Cinder Fire

See? The charcoal is on fire now.

Add more charcoal and wait for the fire to spread as in second image. you can also blow some air to make this process faster. i used a table fan tho 😃

Step 4: Preparing the Corn

Peel the corn carefully and impale it with the BBQ stick gently.

Step 5: Grilling

Place the Corn on the Grill as in images. Turn it regularly after every 2 or 3 minutes for better results. if the flame is too high you need to turn it every minute.

It already smells like Popcorn here.

Step 6: Dish Is Ready to Be Served

Transfer the corn carefully and apply some lemon juice to increase the taste. you can also add butter or anything you prefer.

Hope i Filled Your Tummy..

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