Introduction: DIY Snow-White Pillow

Sure to give you a childhood flashback, making this snow white pillow won't take you long!

Step 1: Materials:

For this DIY, make sure to have...

- white fabric

- white or light colored thread

- red, black, and green PERMANENT sharpie

- a thin sewing needle

Step 2: Your Fabric

First, make sure to have enough white fabric for 2 large squares. I did 3o cm by 30 cm, but you can make it smaller if you have to.

Step 3: Starting Your Snow-White

After you have cut out two squares from your fabric that match up, take one square and start to draw your Snow-White picture in your PERMANENT sharpie. I recommend outlining your drawing a bit with pencil before the markers come out though. While you are drawing regularly step back to see if it starts to look like an alien, or if your going in the right direction.

Step 4: Starting to Sew Your Pillow

When your drawing is complete, you move onto sewing your pillow. Take your white thread, needle, and be prepared, this is the hardest part of the DIY in my opinion. Also before sewing, it is important to inside out your pillow so that once your done you cant see the stitches.

Step 5: The Sewing of Your Pillow

For sewing, take a long arm distance piece of thread, and put it threw the needle so that the two ends are together. Then wrap the thread around two fingers and tie a knot at the bottom, so that when you start sewing the thread wont just slip threw the fabric. After you've sewn to the end of your thread, you are going to tie it a different way than before. by putting your needle threw the last stitch you sewed twice, and cutting off the excess thread, you are ready to start another piece and continue sewing.

Step 6: Stuffing Your Pillow!

Finally, when your reaching the end of your fabric that hasn't yet been sewed, inside out your pillow again so your picture is on the same side you drew it on. Then fill your pillow with fluff, and sew the gap where you put it in, even though the stitches will show.

Step 7: Thats It!

Your ready to go! I hoped you enjoyed this DIY, you can also draw on a different disney character of your choosing. Have fun!