Introduction: DIY Solar Powered BirdBath Fountain

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This is how i made a solar powered birdbath fountain out of stuff i found laying around the garage.


ok this is made from just some stuff i had in my garage im sure there are better ways of going about this but it didn't cost me anything i didnt already have.

Drill with cement mixer attachment
drill bit for stone 1/4 inch

Big garbage can
Some kind of water proof fabric (this was a bag for something that blew into my yard)
Three  5 gallon buckets
1/2 bag cement
1/2 bag of grout
1/2 bag of quickset
some flat rocks
a piller
a small statue
a solar powered fountain punp
steel mesh / zip tie

Step 2: Step One: What I Had Laying Around

Ok i had a cement pillar that once had a bowl for a bird bath so i made a new bowl for it, but can be made by making a mold with some tubes and filling it cement.
  I also had this little statue laying in the garden so i used that too.
 the fabric you need just needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of the stones and cement, this was a bag of something that blew into my yard during a storm.
 Then i knew i didnt have enough cement to do this so i mixed it with some quickset and then thicken it it with grout, its probably better to just use finisher cement or maybe just the quickset, it did work out but is pretty brittle.

Step 3: Step Two: Making the Mold for the Birdbath Bowl

 Ok take your 3  five gallon buckets stake them together.
place them inside the middle of the large garbage can, and place the lid on the top one.
now take your fabric of other material. drape it over the top of the large garbage can press it into the middle until the fabric is touching the top of the five gallon buckets, it should look like a bowl.

   Then staple the fabric into the rim of the garbage can. ( i make little X's with the staples seems to hold better)

Now you should be looking at your bowl mold.

Step 4: Step Three: Making the Birdbath Bowl

  Ok now get our your flat rocks and place them into the fabric bowl start with the biggest ones in the bottom center.
  Then work your way around until you get to the rim. The close you get the rocks together the better this will work out.
 Ok mix up your cement/grout/quickset mixture, with your drill in a 5 gallon bucket.

 Take a handful of your cement mixture and plobp it into the bottom center, make sure to get a  1/2 layer of mix, You should plop it onto the rocks pretty thick before you start to smear it into the bowl shape. If you dont have a good thick layer before you start to make the bowl shape, you will pick up the rocks with the cement, and mess this up.
  So now you got your thick layer of cement mix covering all the rocks,

Its time to smear the cement around the top of the rocks until you got a bowl shape that comes up the sides and is at least 1/2 thick all around the bowl.

   Ok before your dment hardens get soem more of your flat rocks and start to press them into the cement mix. Work the rocks in just like you did before starting in the center with the largest rocks first and work your way out, then i made a rim with some thin rocks around the top.
   At this point i alot more cement mix, and thought of a way to make a better rim around the edge, i didnt know if it would be thick enough, to make it thick it enough.
Now take the left over fabric material. fill it with some cement and fold it over, and weight it down with some rocks.  This will make liek a cement donut around the rim of the bowl.

Step 5: Step Four: Putting It All Together

    Ok now that your waiting at least a day for your bird bath to harden, take out your drill and drill a quarter inch hole into the bottom of your garden statue.
  And your solar fountain pump, you can get these off of ebay for around 10 bucks, they work pretty well for fountains. but not much else.
Since i have alot of pine trees around the needles get caught in the pump so i took some wire mesh and wrapped the pump with a zip tie.
   Now set your pillar where you need it, and carefully remove your cement birdbath bowl.
  The rim wasn't very thick,  and i broke off the doughnut rim in a couple of parts getting out of the mold but all and all it worked out, some gorilla  glue and some clamps held got it back together.  Balance the bowl on the pillar i had to level it with some left over flat rocks. add your statue into the back middle of the bowl. 
  A rock will give you some space for the pump. Then attach the sprinkler cap to the top of the fountain pump tube and set out the solar panel where it will get alot of direct sunlight.

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