Introduction: DIY Spa-Style Lip Therapy at Home!! Step by Step Treatment for Chapped Lips in Winter..

Winter is almost here and we are tired of applying petroleum jelly on our lips...Lip dryness and darkness is soo bad!! Today I'll share with you DIY Lip Treatment which includes:

1) Hot Oil Massage

2) Scrub

3) Mask

4) Balm

Now you don't have to go to salon and spend money..Try this simple Lip Treatment for nourished lips everytime!! It's kinda like "LIP FACIAL" ❤..

So, Let's check how to make it ^_^


Step 1: Prepare Hot Oil:

Massaging your lips will increase blood circulation and it will cleans out dirt from your lips..Prepare your hot oil first..


Extra-Virgin Olive Oil ( 2 Drops )

Castor Oil ( 2 Drops )


Mix both oils together in a bowl.. Microwave for 5 seconds or warm it in a double boiler..Let it sit aside ..

Step 2: Prepare Scrub:

Exfoliate your lips with lip scrub and remove dead skin in seconds!!


Sugar ( 1 Teaspoon )

Glycerin ( 1 Drop )

Coconut Oil ( 3 Drops )


Mix whole ingredients together .. Your scrub shouldn't be too wet and too dry !

Step 3: Prepare Mask:

Mask will go to inner layer of lips and reveal pinkish , baby soft lips...


Honey ( 3 Drops )

Almond Oil ( 3 Drops )


Mix both ingredients together ..

Step 4: Prepare Balm:

Lip Balm will moisturize and nourish your lips ..


Petroleum Jelly ( Half Teaspoon )

Coconut Oil ( Half Teaspoon )

Vitamin E Pill ( 200mg one )

Beetroot Juice ( Half Teaspoon ) -Optional-


In a double boiler , mix and melt all ingredients and put into an empty container..Let it set completely or put into fridge to speed up the process..

Step 5: Start Doing Lip-Treatment:

First take all bowls in which you made your oil,scrub etc..Wash your lips with warm water and pat dry...


Step 6: Hot Oil Massage:

•Dip your finger in oil..Apply on your lips and massage in circular motions..Massage continuously for at least 2-3 minutes..Massage in dabbing motions with your fingertips for 30 seconds...Pat with a tissue ,, don't rub or wipe your lips..

•Massaging your lips will increase blood circulation/flow..It will make your lips fuller...

Step 7: Scrub:

•Pick some sugar scrub and place it on your lips..Scrub your lips gently and slowly in circular motions for at least 3 minutes..Remove it with a tissue paper and wipe your lips with a wet tissue or wet-wipes..

•Scrubbing will remove dead skin and reveal pinkish baby soft lips :-*

Step 8: Mask:

•Dip your finger in the honey mask and apply a thick layer on your lips..Cut a rectangle piece of tissue paper or plastic bag..Stick it on your lips and leave this mask for 10 minutes.. Don't remove and reapply it before recommended time...Also, you don't have to speak during this period...Lie down so that the mask will not drip ( as you applied a thick layer, the mask can drip and it will cause a mess ) .. Let the mask completely absorb in your lips..Remove the tissue and wipe your lips with a wet tissue paper...

•Honey helps to lighten lips..This mask will go to inner layers of your lips and heal chapped lips..Almond oil will decrease the chances of getting chapped lips again!

Step 9: Balm Massage:

•Apply lip balm on your lips and massage a bit with your fingertips...

•Lip Balm will nourish and moisturize your lips...

•Apply this lip balm daily at bedtime or at morning..

Step 10: And We're Done!! Mail Me Anytime .. Let Me Know About Your Experience on It ❤❤ Bye Bye!