Introduction: DIY Sphero Halloween Costumes

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With Sphero's mixed-reality gaming experience, the possibilities for play are endless. But who knew how much he loved participating in Halloween festivities? Since Sphero is one of our best robotic buds, we created a few costumes to wear on one of his favorite holidays this year. To dress up your Sphero with a custom costume this Halloween (like a kitty ninja or mustached frog), follow our step-by-step Instructable. This Halloween, you two can be matching kitty ninjas or mustached frogs.

Step 1: Kitty Ninja Costume Step 1

Every stellar kitty ninja needs a bandana to wipe off the sweat from all of his kitty ninja activities. To make your Sphero's bandana, cut a piece of ribbon that is long enough to fit around his circumference and use a glue gun to secure the two ends together.  

Step 2: Kitty Ninja Costume Step 2

Now that your Sphero is looking more like a ninja, it is important to add his kitty elements to make him unstoppable. First, glue three white pipe cleaners and a pink pom-pom ball together with your glue gun to create whiskers and a kitten nose. Then, glue the whiskers and nose piece to Sphero's face directly under his eyes.

Step 3: Kitty Ninja Costume Step 3

Although your Sphero is looking more kitty-like, he still needs a pair of ears and a fuzzy tail. Use black foam to cut out small triangles for your kitty ninja ears and a multi-colored, fuzzy pipe cleaner for his tail. Glue the ears above your Sphero's bandana and the tail on the back of Sphero's face. With all of the vital accessories every kitty ninja needs to do what kitty ninjas do, your Sphero can now roll out to any crime and stop it with his robotic force.   

Step 4: Mustached Frog Costume Step 1

If your Sphero is looking for a costume that has a little bit of sparkle and a lot of mustache, we suggest creating a mustached frog costume. In order to get that green sparkle every frog wishes he or she had, coat your Sphero in Elmer's glue and roll him around in a pile of green glitter. We used a coffee filter to keep the glitter in place while your robo-pal takes a glitter bath.

Step 5: Mustache Frog Costume Step 2

Once your Sphero is decked out in green glitter, glue on some googly eyes to give him a froggy feel. Next, cut out frog legs from green construction paper and fold a part of the legs in so you are able to glue them on the sides of your Sphero.

Step 6: Mustache Frog Costume Step 3

Before your robotic friend leaps off of the table, make sure to add a large, fuzzy mustache right under his eyes for that mustached frog look. With his mustache combed and his glitter sparkling, your Sphero will ribbit in anticipation for Halloween.

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