Introduction: DIY Steps of ICStation Lilypad PCB Circuit Board Compatible Arduino

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ICStation team introduce you the DIY process of ICStation Lilypad compatible Arduino in details.You can follow us to DIY your own Lilypad.

You need following components:

ICStation PCB Board Lilypad PCB Circuit Board Compatible Arduino

Lilypad Component Bag Electronic Element Bags


4*4*1.5MM Tact Switch *1

CSTCE16M0V53-RO Ceramic Crystal 16MHZ SMD-3 *1

0603 SMD Capacitor 0.1uF *2

10V 47UF 3528 Tantalum Capacitor *1

0603 SMD Capacitor 1uF 16V *1

0603 Resistor 330ohm *1

0603 Resistor 10K ohm *1

0603 SMD Red Super Bright LED *1

2.54mm 1*40 Male Pin Heard Male *1

Step 1: Solder the ATMEGA328P MCU

It will be more convenient to use the edge of the iron.You should pay attention to the direction of the pin1 of MCU.

Step 2: Solder the Crystal Oscillator

There are no directions of crystal oscillator. Solder the three pins to the corresponding bonding pad.

Step 3: Solder the Tantalum Capacitor

The end which has mark on the tantalum capacitor is the negative pole. It corresponds to the round silk screen of the bonding pad.

Step 4: Solder the 0.1UF Ceramic Capacitor,1UF Ceramic Capacitor, 330R Resistor, 10K Resistor

Those resistors and capacitors have no anode and cathode.

Step 5: Solder the Microswitch

Step 6: Solder LED

The end which has green points is the negative pole. It corresponds to the bonding pad that the silk screen points to

Step 7: Solder the Pin Header of the SMD

Step 8: Download the Program

You can use the Arduino downloader which is developed by the ICStation. Open the Arduino IDE and Blink of routine. And choose the LilyPad arduino and COM interface, then click to download. Look, the red LED flashes. You see, it is very easy! Use ICStation LilyPad PCB circuit board to begin your design.

Step 9: Video