Introduction: DIY Stroboscope Photoshoot

Recently I needed to make some photos for a poster for my university's event, and of course I hadn't had any funding nor equipment, so I had to make something up. I was really fascinated by the pics from live concerts, having all those rays of light from behind the person. I thought it would be cool to make such a photoshoot, and I came up with that idea!

Note that this is instructable won't help you actually make a stroboscope, but it's a fun, easy and unusual use of a good old projector.

Also the instructable is very simple, but as I didn't find anything similar to this project, I've decided to upload my ideas for the community.

What you need is:

  1. Projector
  2. Dark room
  3. Camera (duh)
  4. Smoke machine
  5. An image to project

See the steps below for further information.

Step 1: Step 1: the Image

So to make the stroboscope effect, we will need an image to project on a person. I looked all over the internet for a suitable one, but I couldn't find a good example so I had to make it myself using Paint and online gif-compiling services. You can see that it has some nasty pixel lines, but you won't see them on the projector, just roll the focus ring.

The coolest part of that idea is that projector, unlike the actual stroboscope, isn't limited by the technological specialities (features). You can make some really good animation here, like moving rays of light or green lazers writing something. so it's up to you how you will use the power of projector.

Step 2: Step 2: Actual Photoshoot

Get in the dark room, put a person in front of the projector, turn the smoke machine on and have fun!

Unless if you, like us, don't have access to a smoke machine. Then don't have fun. Or, you could use vape instead (like we did). Note that it may be illegal to use vape in some areas (check with your local vape policies), and use nicotin-free liquids, because it is dangerous to your health.

So this is an idea for a cool photoshoot with some easy-to-get equipment, hope it was quite helpful!