Introduction: DIY Summer Drinks Candle

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Candle is a most popular yet low cost thing to decorate any place.This art of candle decoration has been adopting since years and years before.Weather you are looking for a candle light dinner or for a Christmas celebration, without this stuff its just impossible to think something more creative.In every Nation festivals are consider as a spirit of joy and I must say candles add bunch of love to that joy.And if you did it by your hands on it then..... Its no doubt give your cheeks a huge blush.

Here I want to share a small project regarding gel candles and also I am using raw solid wax. Looks of these candles are just like summer drinks which I have ordered someday in a restaurant, as I loved the looks of that drink I did convert it with my craft.I hope you gonna enjoy this project.

So lets dive in to the full project............

Step 1: Materials Used

1. Solid Wax : Amazon / Amazon India

2. Gel Wax : Amazon / Amazon India

3. Crayon Colour : Amazon / Amazon India

4. Candle Wick : Amazon / Amazon India

5. Aroma Oil : Amazon / Amazon India

6. Ice-Cream Stick : Amazon / Amazon India

7. Aluminium Tray : Amazon / Amazon India

8. Wine Glass : Amazon / Amazon India

Step 2: Prepare Molten Wax From Solid Wax ( Candle #1)

At the very first stage, cut a piece of solid wax.Take it to microwave. Either you can do microwave it for 1 minute or you can put it on a container and heat over induction heater.


1.These are highly inflammable thing , so be careful during the heating. I will recommend you to do it in a very low flame.

2. Don't over heat the wax, because it get vaporize too fast and color get changes to yellowish .

Step 3: Prepare Garnish Stuffs (Candle # 1)

Right after melting the wax, take any two different crayon colours. Here I have taken red and purple as I wanted to make wax-berries which may seems like Raspberry and Blueberry.

Cut the crayons with knife and take small parts of those Crayons. You should put different colour on different container and mix it continuously until it reaches a semi solid and rough stage.

Don't let it to be too hard. Because if it gets too hard or solid you can't do mould the wax to the desired shape.

Step 4: Prepare the Berries ( Candle #1)

Now to make the semi solid wax to berry shape, you have to take a little amount of wax first. Place it on your palm then press side by side to make it a round shaped ball. Don't roll it within your palms ,it surely gets breakdown.

After doing four to five berries let these to dry completely.

Step 5: Prepare Lemon Slices ( Candle #1)

The second thing that I wanted do with wax is Lemon slices. To convert my imagination to wax, I did take a little amount of rubbed light Green crayon colour .

Take a piece of raw solid wax and put all together , then melt it over hitter or you can do microwave also.

Now leave it for sometimes to get it dry. But remember while drying put it in a small container which have a small surface area, so that you can get a thick slice later.

Before it getting purely hard, do cut it with a knife and with desire slice shape.

Now trim the edges of the slices and let it to be dried completely.

Step 6: Prepare the Summer Drinks ( Candle #1)

As I wanted to make it like juice kind therefore I did take yellow colour crayon and some amount of gel wax to melt it down .Then pour the same melted wax into the wine glass.

Right after that, take some amount of gel raw wax and a little more amount of orange crayon pieces as I wanted to make it a little more darker colour than the yellow one.

Then pour it as soon as it get melts.


1. You should wash the wine glass thoroughly, let it to dry and wipe it out with a clean soft cotton cloth.

2. Don't add crayons after melting the raw wax. It does not give this kind of good result.

3. While pouring the melted coloured wax, do remember don't be so hurry. Be conscious that you must putting it right into the centre of the glass. Otherwise it will give messy wax marks on the periphery of the glass inner surface.

4. You can add two to four drops of Aroma oils for good fragrance, but you must add it just after you melt the wax and crayons.

Step 7: Fix the Candle Wick ( Candle #1)

I have these candle wicks which length has a little less than the glass container height. So I tighten it with a dowel and hanged it down just the centre of the glass circle.

If you have a long length wick then better you should fix it in the centre of the glass with the help of hot glue and to make it fix right on the centre ,support two ice cream sticks from both the sides of the wick.

And let it to dry for a while.

Step 8: Preparing the Top Coat ( Candle #1)

Now take some raw gel wax and melt it with a low flame. Pour it quickly over the Orange layer.You will see a shading of light Orange colour add automatically in the lower part of the transparent melted gel wax. Thats the beauty of the gel wax. It seriously gives you a satisfactory moment .


1. Be sure with the container cleanness while you are going to melt the transparent raw wax. Because if the container has a little dirty stage , it will surly spoil the entire thing.

2. Be sure here also you are putting the candle wick right on the centre.

Step 9: Garnish the Candle ( Candle #1)

After letting it cool down for a little while, garnish the wax glass with your already made stuffs.

Its really my own favourite part. And did enjoy a lot while I was doing.The way they got into the melted wax, it seriously gave me a immersing happiness. Please do watch its video to feel that moments. I know you people will surely fall in love.

As I planned to give Blackberry and Raspberry kind look. I too made it also as earlier stage. So by this time those tings surly got harden up.

Now put one by one as per your creativity and choice of placing the elements.


1. Don't allow the gel wax dried up completely. Because if it dried completely, It will not give a submerged look.

2. First you should decide where you want to place the garnishing things, so that you can allow the gel wax dry time to time.

Step 10: Prepare Gel Wax to Melt ( Candle #2)

This is an other drinks candle which I wanted to give a Mojito look.

So at the very first stage I have taken raw gel wax, cut it as much as I required.

Then I took for melting. I have melted over gas, you can also microwave it.


1. While taking it for microwave or give heat over induction heater, you should cut the gel wax with small pieces .I told you to do so, because by this it will take less time to melt, vaporize less, don't get blackish so quickly.

Step 11: Prepare the Drinks ( Candle # 2)

To give it Mojito colour, I have taken two crayon colours, one is light Green and another one is Yellow crayon colour.

As I was adding these after melting the Gel wax, so that I chopped these as tiny as the crayons could be. Then add the crayon particles to the melted wax and mix it. If you wish you can add the crayons while melting the Gel wax. Its completely ok in both the cases.


1. If you are going to add rubbed tiny particles after melting the wax, then you should not allow the melted wax to dried up a second even. You should chopped the crayons before.

Step 12: Fix the Candle-Wick ( Candle # 2)

Take a Mock-tail glass for a better look. And clean the glass as I instructed before.

Prepare the glass before melting the wax and crayons so it would be easy to you to move forward. Otherwise the wax got thick itself.

Pour the melted coloured wax slowly into the glass container.

Then place candle wicks as I instructed before (candle-1) . Or you can place the wick in the centre of the glass with the help of hot glue and use two Ice cream sticks on the upper side to fix it right on the centre.

Then allow the wax to dried up.

And that mean time you can move forward for its next steps.

So lets move forward with a smile.

Step 13: Garnish Preparation ( Candle # 2)

I wish to give a look to the candle in such a way that the ice cubes are floating over the drinks.

And to make it so realistic , I have taken raw wax and melt it with a clean container .

Pour the melted wax over a bowl and let it to dry properly.


While allow it for drying, place the melted gel wax in a container which have less surface that after its dried up, you can get a thick wax material.

Step 14: Prepare Ice Cubes ( Candle # 2)

After dried up the wax, do cut it with help of a knife. Cut the wax in such a way , it will give ice cubes look.

Try to keep the sizes of ice cubes similar with one anther. Highly you can make two sizes one big and one small , so that it will give a realistic look to the output.

Step 15: Garnish Ice Cubes ( Candle # 2)

Now again its my favourite part and i.e. garnishing.

To do so, you simply put the already cut pieces of ice cube shaped wax over the glass container.

To give it a submerge look you can put Ice cubes shaped gel wax into the green gel wax before it dried up completely. Or you can simply place the ice cubes shaped pieces over the glass container. You can find a beautiful look just after placing the cubes.

Then make it more realistic, moving forward to the next garnishing step.

Step 16: Mint Leaves Preparation ( Candle # 2)

Then, for next I thought to make mint leaves. And for that I have taken raw solid wax and a piece of dark green colour crayons (as I have already taken light Green for the drinks).

Then put these together and take it for melting it out. After melting the wax and colour, spread the liquid wax over the Aluminium Tray and allow it to dry.

By the help of a knife, cut the green wax as a leaf shape and cut at least two or more.

Then place the leaves over the dried wax and put a cut piece of Red crayon colour just the middle of the leaves which resemble like a berry.

Step 17: The Out Put

Now both the candles are ready to use. You can lighten up by placing these on any place.

Or you can enjoy its beauty simply by placing it in your showcase. You may gift these to your beloved one or else lighten up in a romantic candle light dinner.

I must say, you can use these as many ways but in each way you will feel much happiness and warmth.

Thanks for reading my Instructables.

Please share your build pictures once you made it your own.

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