Introduction: DIY - Super Cheap and Super Cool Arc Reactor

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In this instructable I will show you how you can make extremely cheap arc reactor at home.

Lets get started.

The total project cost me less than 1$ ans I only had to buy LED's and each LED cost me 2.5 INR and I used 25 so the total cost is less than 1$.

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Step 1: Materials Required is an online platform for technicians, Makers, Enthusiasts, Kids to buy electronic components

1. A soldering iron

2. SMD LEDs I'm using around 25 LEDs

3. Epoxy putty.

4. flux and solder

5. 6V 1.3A battery

6. Insulating tape.

7. copper wires

8. sheet of paper

9. Glue

10. A rounder

11. and a scale

Step 2: Solder the Wire to LED

Start by soldering the wire to LED, to solder use the clip to hold the LED firmly as I did.

Step 3: Time for Some Geometry

Draw a line of 2 cm in a sheet, from the two end points of the line draw arc and then join the points to form a triangle, see the picture for reference, and we are ready with our equilateral triangle of side 2 cm.

Now, draw the perpendicular from the each vertices of triangle to opposite side, and then you will get the centroid/center of the triangle, and from that center draw a circle.

Step 4: Stick the LEDs to the Figure

Apply the glue and then stick the LED's on the triangle and around the circle and then apply the glue again over them so that they wont get displaced.

Step 5: Apply Epoxy

Mix the epoxy and then apply it over all carefully and let it dry for some time until it becomes hard, you could use Plaster of Paris instead of epoxy but it is soft and you don't want your arc reactor to get shattered off inside the T-shirt.

Step 6: Scratch Off the Paper

Carefully remove all the paper so you will see that our arc reactor is taking shape.

Step 7: Connect LEd's Togeather in Parallel

Identify the polarity and then connect all the LED's in parallel.

Step 8: Add Some Insulating Tapes and DONE!

You need to add some insulating tapes so you wont get shocked!

Test it and then put it inside your T-shirt.

I recommend watch the video because it has a real time making and demonstration.

Thank You

Tanishq Jaiswal

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