Introduction: DIY Surfboard Rack


In this Instructables I show you how I made a simple but very useful surfboard rack. I needed a place to store all my boards in one place and was easily accessible. Before building this rack my quiver of boards were stored all over the place.

Step 1: Materials

I built the rack using mostly things I had around the garage and a few things from the hardware store:

  • Angle shelf brackets
  • Some wood strips cut to the width and length of the shelf bra
  • Piece of plywood
  • Rubber or foam mat
  • Screws
  • Round Foam Pipe Insulation
  • Eye hooks
  • Long Bungee Cord

Step 2: Video of the Build

Here is a video of the build with written directions to follow:

Step 3: Design

The design of the surfboard rack is very straight forward. It comprises of a plywood back and shelf bracket are mounted 6 inches apart from each other. Each shelf bracket has a strip of wood mounted so it extends the length of the top of the bracket, this allows for any width board to be stored. The strip of wood and bracket was wrapped with a piece of pipe insulation. This ensure the surfboard has a nice soft place to rest.

You can make this rack as long as you like, depending on the number of surfboards you want to display and store.

Step 4: Build

I cut the plywood to length and to the width of a bracket. Each bracket was spaced 6" apart and then screwed into place. The plywood assembly was put into position on the wall about 5 feet high and screwed into the wall studs.

The wood strips were placed on top of each bracket and secured in place with short wood screws. Then foam was placed over each bracket and wood.

To make sure the boards don't slip and the bottom of the surfboards don't get damaged, a piece of rubber mat was placed on the floor under the rack.

An eye hook was screwed into the wall on opposite ends of the rack. A bungee cord is used to secure the boards as a precaution to keep the boards from slipping should the boards get knocked or bumped.

Step 5: Finished Rack

Here is the finished rack. I like that it's compact and I can access all my board at once.