DIY Tablecloth With a Hole for Patio Umbrella

Introduction: DIY Tablecloth With a Hole for Patio Umbrella

Hey everyone! I am back, this time sharing a tutorial for making a tablecloth for your patio table that has an umbrella. This is a super easy sewing project that you can do in under an hour!

Let's get started!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:

A tablecloth (or you can make one- I used a flat bed sheet)

A table to be covered with a hole in the middle for an umbrella

A sewing machine

Small piece of paper



Step 2: Make a Rubbing

First, please ignore how incredibly gross my table is. I actually scrubbed it. This is as good as it gets. Hence, the tablecloth.

Lay the paper over the hole in the table. Take your fingers and press down until you see an imprint of the hole.

Remove the paper. Using the pencil, trace around the indentation you made.

Cut out your circle. This is your pattern!

Step 3: Grab Your Tablecloth

I made a circle tablecloth to fit my old circular table. This should work for any shape though.

Open up your tablecloth. Fold in half. Then fold in half again. You should have a shape that looks like mine.

Step 4: Fold Your Pattern

Because we folded the tablecloth, you need to make the pattern match. So fold it in half. Then half again.

Step 5: Time to Cut Out the Hole

Lay the circle on the corner of the tablecloth with the curved edge on the fabric.

Cut around the curve.

Step 6: Sewing Time

Open up your tablecloth, and sew around the edges of the hole. You can use a tight zigzag stitch. I used a faux overlocking stitch that my machine does. As long as the edges are stitched, the won't fray.

If you made your own tablecloth, make sure you hem the edges, or you can also zigzag the bottom.

Step 7: And Done!

You are all finished. It took longer to write this tutorial than to make this tablecloth!

Place on your table. Then put the umbrella through the hole of the table.


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