Introduction: DIY Terrarium

Terrariums are easy and fun to make. Here are a few simple steps to create a beautiful terrarium of your own. It brings a little bit of the outside world into your home.

Step 1: Glass Cup

Get a tall glass cup.

Step 2: Pebbles

Place pebbles in glass so water can gather there.

Step 3: Charcoal

Add charcoal to keep the terrarium fresh.

Step 4: Paper/Newspaper

Protect the area with paper/newspaper.

Step 5: Soil

Add the soil to the glass.

Step 6: Plant

Plant in a succulent or any other plant.

Step 7: Add More Soil

Add more soil to secure the plant.

Step 8: Decorate

Decorate the setting with pebbles, marbles or anything to your liking.

Step 9: Water

Water the plant lightly.

Step 10: Display

Display your terrarium in a bright sunny area.