Introduction: DIY-Travel Memories Box

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Hi welcome back to another instructable, This time I am showing you how to create a travel memories box. The reason for this is that I have been on a couple of overseas trips and have collected souvenirs which have no place to live in my bedroom so I decided to create a travel box, hope you like. This travel box isn't limited to being a travel box it could be for storage for the top of your closet.

  • "Young children will need assistance by an older adult"

Sorry for bad pictures don't have good camera but hopefully you get the idea :)

Step 1: Equipment

For this instructable you will need:

  • Find a box that you wish to DIY, My box was from perfume that I got for Christmas and thought it would be cute idea to this box.

Ideas for box - Shoe box, Folder, Plastic container it can be any size you like.

  • A pattern that you want to cover the box in - I used Cheetah print wrapping paper which was lying around the house

Ideas for pattern - Photos, Old newspaper, Paper collage or create a stencil and paint on it

  • 3x Black A4 paper
  • 1x Blue A4 paper - doesn't have to be blue can be any colour you like
  • Craft knife
  • Ruler
  • Silver/grey pencil - I use Faber castell pencils
  • Glue - Can be a glue stick or PVA glue - it will need a paint brush to spread glue around

Step 2: Starting

Use your Patterned paper and place it over your box leaving 4cm around the box the extra will be folded into the inside of the box

  • Glue the top of the box and start placing the paper on to create a smooth layer.
  • The pictures show what I mean and what to do with the extra 4cm - you will fold the extra bits kind of like wrapping a present.

Step 3: Cover the Rest of Box

Cover the rest of the box in your paper, not that difficult and smooth the edges by using the craft knife to get an even look

Step 4: Inside Cover

The inside cover i used one of the A4 black paper and mark out a perfect size to fit it to make it more neat and formal, I left around 1-2cm around the outside of the paper to create a boarder.

  • You can use scissors to cut the square or I used the craft knife and ruler to cut I out.

Step 5: The Inside Bottom

For the bottom I used the second piece of black paper this part was a bit harder as my box had an inner boarder I had to cut and force the piece of paper in which had left a gap on the top and bottom this is why I used the blue paper to cover up the white base box.

  • The blue paper lightens the inside with a pop of colour - The blue paper was 1-2cm wide to cover the white

Step 6: Creating Logo

My travel box is for memories of Japan, I drew a circle and cut it out and started design a pattern. I used the last piece of A4 black paper and used the silver/grey pencil to create the design as it shows up really good on the paper.

  • "Just remember this is your freedom to create your own personal logo"

Step 7: Finding Your Memories

Finding my memories was easy I had these items in a boring box in my wardrobe, now that these memories are kept in an up lifting box it brings back all the great memories I shared with my host family.

  • "Now its your turn find all the memories you shared with your family or friends and place them in your box its a relief having all the memories in one box."

I hope you liked this instructable it was great fun making this box and see you next time.