Introduction: 3D Hand Silver & Black Edition

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Ok here we go, I have finally had the time to do some art and absolutely loving having some free time. This instructable is one I done in colour which is available to view on my profile. I thought it would be cool to experiment with metallic gel ink pens I think I went through at least 3 pens trying out different styles.

Are you ready to begin?

Step 1: Equipment

You don't need a lot for this instructable so here is the list

  1. A4 black piece of paper
  2. Silver metallic gel pens - you may need at least 2 pens as you will go through the ink very quickly. In new Zealand you can get them from stationary shops or the dollar type of stores
  3. Your own hand to trace around

And finally it is all done by free hand


You can use a rule if you want it to look clean - check out my other 3D hand instructable as it shows you how to use the ruler.

Step 2: Process

Starting off is easy

  1. Place your hand on the piece of A4 paper and trace round your hand using the silver metallic gel pen
  2. Add free hand lines like in the pictures
  3. keep adding lines till the whole page is covered with lines


If your lines have large gaps between them just add in lines to fill in the gaps, having more lines creates the illusion of the hand being 3D

Step 3: Finish

As I said in the previous step add as many lines as you can to your hand ,it will give it more depth and illusion to your hand.

Hope you liked this silver & black 3D hand instructable don't forget to try it yourself or teach to little children it is truly a quick and easy way to get into art

Thanks :)