Introduction: DIY Tripod | How to Make Smartphone and Camera Tripod by Antenna

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When I am looking for Tripod for making videos for CookQueens then I saw that each 5 foot tripod price started from very high range on different E-commerce site. I am also waiting for a discount, but I didn’t get that.

After then, I decided to make my own DIY Tripod Stand which can hold multiple things like phone, camera etc. I have a few old antennae in my home. I used that for making this tripod.

I describe all details in the following step by step process:

How to Make SmartPhone and Camera Tripod

Step 1: Requireed Materials for This Tripod

So, what you will need to make it

1. 2 Television Antenna

  • 4 Piece four-foot long x 1 Inches antenna aluminum
    sticks (That is the middle part of the antenna which attached with many thine sticks).
  • 3 Piece 7.5" inches long x Antenna thin pipe
  • 3 piece 2.5" x 1.5" inches angle 3 piece 7.5" inches long antenna aluminum thin pipe
  • Screw: 3 piece (3.5" inches), 3 piece ( 2" inches), 2 piece (2.5" inches),

You can get all above things from your old Antenna

2. 3 foot long cable ware

3. 2 Seven inch long x 1/4 inch PVC pipes

4. A Smart phone back cover (you can use your old back cover)

Tools You'll Use

  • 1 Wrench
  • 1 Screw Driver
  • 1 Sand Papers
  • 1 drill machine

Step 2: Made Hole on the Sticks of These Tripod

At first, remove all parts of antenna And Clean all the parts by sandpapers

Take the 3 pieces sticks ( 4 foot long x 1 inch antenna aluminum sticks) and made 2 holes on each aluminum stand on the upper part by the drill machine.

First hole one inches from the upper parts and other one is nine inches from the first hole.

Step 3: Head Section Attachment of This Tripod

Fixed all the 3 stand with 3 angles (these angles is taken from antenna support hand) by three 2.5" inches screws ( these screws took from the antenna) by using the first hole.

So, head of this Tripod is fixed and looked like this.

Step 4: Make the Tripod Stronger by a Cable

I want to make my tripod stronger.So I use the 2nd hole of antenna aluminium sticks and put the cable code through it.

After then I take antenna aluminium thin pipe and put the same cable through it.

Again take the same cable and put through another antenna aluminium sticks and do vice-versa.

Do it until 3 antenna aluminium sticks attach each other and make Smart Phone Tripod more stronger.

Step 5: Make Two Holes on Fourth Sticks

Take the 4th antenna aluminum sticks and make two holes on the different edge of this sticks.

One hole one inches from the edge and another one is eleven inches from the another edge.

Step 6: Attach the Head Section of Tripod With the Body

Make another hole ( 5 inches from the upper edge ) on any stand of this tripod and fixed ( 4th antenna aluminum sticks )sticks by a 3.5" inches screw.

Step 7: Preparing Phone Holder of This Tripod

Finally, we come to the phone or camera catcher section.

So, at first, you take two 7" inches long x .5" inch PVC pipes and make two holes on both edges of the PVC pipes.

After then, fixed PVC pipes on the 4th antenna sticks on the remaining hole by a 3.5" inches screwdriver.

Then, take the head of both PVC pipe attached it by a 2.5" inches screw.

Finally, take old back cover make a hole on the part of it and fixed by a 2.5" inches screw.

Now, Your Smart Phone Tripod is ready.

Step 8: Converting Smartphone Holder to Camera Holder Tripod

You can also attached your camera by reversing the head section of this tripod and use it camera tripod.

You can also this check out this video where you can learn DIY Tripod with each step by step process.

If have any problem to understand this process, just fill free and comment me on the below section.

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