Introduction: DIY Twitter Flagpole

below are the items I used for it:

  • Intel Edison
  • ULN2803a
  • Stepper Motor
  • Timing Belt 3D printer
  • Stand for camera
  • Broomstick
  • Cables Tie

Step 1: Assemble the Flagpole

Followed by attaching the camera stand and stepper motor on the broomstick using a cable tie. Making sure the timing belt is not too tight

Step 2: Assemble ULN, Stepper Motor, and Intel Edison

Follow the scheme. Next we will turn the pulley. Here is the code I wrote in Python.

Just download the code and execute it in terminal just simply "python"

When the flag has reached the top, press ‘Ctrl + C’ to interrupt the program, then the program will output how many rounds it takes to reach the top. When all the steps is considered a success, now we will connect to twitter.

Step 3: Connect to Twitter

Before starting it we better make the twitter application first. We will utilise the API Streaming to get the number of tweets in real-time. Here is the code. and also we have to prepare token_key.txt from twitter

Now lets test the code we made is working or not

Run the code "python -oauth token_key.txt [word_tracking]". In picture I wanna flag will go up triggered by word "garudaku" from public twitter timeline. So I just type "python -oauth token_key.txt garudaku"

if somebody tweet "garudaku" it will print how much tweet and the flag will go up.

Step 4: Testing

Above is the video that has been fast forwarded because originally it took 2 hours to make this work.


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