Introduction: Typing Helper Software Using VBscript

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Hello guys !

I'm back with another awesome instructable!

This helps you to type the mostly used sentences or words by using the shortcut keys!

you know what is the problem with the normal ctrl+c and ctrl+v is that, we can only copy and paste the single sentence or words!

By using my technique you can copy and paste more than one sentence or words simultaneously without loosing the old ones!

Step 1: Coding


Set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

WScript.Sleep 500
oShell.SendKeys "%{ESCAPE}"

oShell.SendKeys "your sentence here"


Copy the above code into the notepad and save it as "anything.vbs"


According to your pc speed and your requirement you can change the speed of your code by modifying the value of 500....

Step 2: Using It As a Shortcut

we need to copy that vbs file and we have to paste the shortcut on the desktop !

then open properties of that shortcut.....

and set the shortcut key which you like

As shown in the pic above we have set ctrl+alt+A as a shortcut for that file !

and if you want to open that file we need to press ctrl+alt+A

Step 3: Sample:-

These are the sample softwares which are used to type header files and public static void main string(args[]) in java and set the path for java in cmd

so how to use those samples

1. set the shortcut key for the sample script files as shown above! any text editor

3. and press the shortcut key..

4. then it automatically types it.....


if you are facing problems to open that file may be due to you have disabled script in your computer..... you can enable it through registry editor..!

Step 4: Uses !!!

1. while coding, we need to write our routine statements in c language like "#include .... so by using this we can just use a shortcut for that to type for us !

2. while typing email addresses !

3. while setting the path in cmd for jdk

..................comment your uses by using this typing helper..............