Introduction: DIY Tyvek Wallet (using 9x12" Envelope)

My inspiration came from the first Dynomighty wallet I bought - not only are they AWESOME, but they last forever. In fact, the only reason I ever get a different one, is because I get bored of the design... Regardless, it never fails to impress everyone. And by everyone I mean mainly cashiers and friends.

Anywho, I wanted to make one of my own, so I tried the one Instructable posted by a very trusty source: Dynomighty ( His/her (?) instructions are great, however I found the wallet to be a little large and a little too complicated. Don't get me wrong, Dynomighty's wallet is very simple and easy to make - I was just looking for something requiring a minimal amount of cutting and gluing.

Thus I set upon modifying upon Dynomighty's Instructable so that it would better suit my needs - and figured, why not make my first Instructable out of it? (really, I just wanted to have all the steps nicely documented so that I could retrace my steps with ease when making el-cheapo yet thoughtful personalized Christmas gifts... heh heh heh *evil laugh*)

Here's what you'll need: 

- 9 x 12" Tyvek envelope ($15 / box 20 at Staples!)
- pencil
- ruler
- x-acto knife
- cutting mat (or cardboard) that can fit INSIDE the envelope snugly
- anything you'd like to use to "pimp your wallet" (stamps, stickers, markers, paint, etc...)

Step 1: Orientation

Start at the back of the envelope. See the picture to understand what I mean by the "Back." That's what we'll call it from now on.
The self-sealing strip at the top, we'll call "Top Flap."
The sealed bottom part of the envelope, we'll call "Bottom Flap."

Step 2: Fold Once

Still at the Back...
Fold in half up to the crease below the top flap.

Step 3: Fold Twice

Always at the back...
Fold again in half up to the crease below the top flap.

Step 4: Unfold, Flip and Fold

Unfold and flip over to the front.
The creases we've just made have created what we'll call "Row 1" through to "Row 4," for simplicity's sake.
Fold in half inwards along the vertical.

If you're like me, and a little excess bit stick out from when the manufacturer didn't put enough glue, cut it off. 
But please do so cautiously - if you cut off more than just the little excess, you'll cut through the paper AND RUIN THE WALLET!!!

You've been warned.

Step 5: Unfold, Flip and Fold (again!)

Unfold the envelope, flip it over to the back and fold inwards along the vertical, 1cm from the edges - for both edges.

Starting to feel like origami, no?

Cautiously open up the Bottom Flap - if your envelope is like mine, the glue will give away without tearing through the Tyvek fabric, as long as you go gently and patiently.

Step 6: Cut It Open!

Insert cutting mat (or cardboard) INTO the envelope.
Then cut along the top and bottom border of "Row #2" - following the red and black lines.
Be careful!
Cut the red lines through 1 layer (the back of the envelope).
Cut the black lines through 2 layers (also cutting the front of the envelope). 

The neat-o chevron pattern you see drawn in red there is not necessary, but it does reduce the overall bulk of the wallet.
If you choose to cut those, then discard the material hatched in the picture.

Step 7: Flip, Trim & Trace

Almost there!

Now flip the envelope over to the Front.
Cut out the corners and the Bottom Flap (hatched in the picture).

To figure out the size of the card access "opening"... use a card! and trace it out.

Step 8: Cut & Fold

Cut out your snazzy new opening, making sure to have the cutting mat (or cardboard) behind it for safety's sake.
Then fold up along the bottom border of Row #2

Step 9: Fold Fold Fold


Not really, but anyway...

Fold down "Row 4" onto "Row 3" and fold in the snazzy chevron-ed flaps of "Row 2" 

Step 10: One Last Fold...

Finally, fold up the whole darn thing up onto "Row 1"

Step 11: Tuck-in and Tah-dah!

And for the big finish.... *drumroll*

Take off the self-adhesive "QuickStrip closure" (that's what Staples calls it!)
Tuck it into the 1st or 2nd opening, depending on if you want 1 or 2 bill/receipt pockets.

You can see from the picture that I wanted 2 pockets, so I tucked it in accordingly.

Step 12: Let the Fun Begin

Congrats! You've made a Tyvek wallet!

Now it's time to make it AWESOME - personalize it, "pimp it" by adding some witticisms, tagging it, etc...

And don't forget to put in some fat stacks. You baller you.