Introduction: DIY Vacuum Packing (a.k.a the Poor Man's Spacebag)

You've all seen the Spacebag infomercials on TV promising to triple your storage space using a vacuum cleaner. Well here is a simple way to achieve the same effect using materials you already have!

I came up with this while packing for school and getting frustrated with the cargo limitations of my car's trunk. This makes packing for college much less stressful as space becomes much less of a constraint by compacting large items such as comforters, bedding, and clothes.

Step 1: What You Need

-Garbage bags

-Vacuum cleaner with a hose

I used drawstring kitchen bags, but large black garbage bags would work very well, as they are less prone to tearing.

Step 2: Fill a Bag

I have filled my bag with a foam mattress pad, but anything from clothes to bedding will shrink when vacuum packed.

Step 3: Hold the Bag Closed

With your hand, hold the bag closed by the top as shown.

Step 4: Insert Vacuum and Suck!

Insert the vacuum cleaner (I removed all the tube attachments to make it easier to insert) and turn it on until the bag stops shrinking.

Step 5: Tie the Bag Shut

...And bask in the glory of all the space you saved! Just make sure the bag has no holes and the knot leaves the bag completely sealed.

Happy travels!

Step 6: Unpacking

When the time comes to restore all your stuff to its air-filled glory, just open the bag and watch your stuff spring back to life!

Step 7: Troubleshooting

If the bag fails to shrink:

-Make sure the bag has no holes

-Make sure that your hand has formed a complete seal around the vacuum

-Maneuver the vacuum so it isn't sucking in the side of the bag. It helps to place the vacuum against whatever you are packing.
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