Introduction: DIY Vans Shoebox Hand Sanitizer Dispenser!

After Buying myself a new pair of Vans, I couldn't help but save the box and wait for a creative idea to reveal itself to me. With the pandemic and everything, I thought that it would be a good idea to incorporate a recycled project into dealing with the Virus. Here is my Instructable on how to make this fun and creative hand sanitizer dispenser.


-1 Vans Shoebox

-1 hand Sanitizer Pump Bottle

-1 Pair of scissors (and a knife or other blade, if preferred)

-Tape (as much as you need. Glue is another optional adhesive that I did not use)

Step 1: Prepare the Box

In order to prepare our box for the steps to come, we need to make an incision in the connected lid. we can do this with either scissors, or another blade of some sort. make the cut a couple inches down, so that it will cover the width of the pump we will insert later on.

Step 2: Remove the Bottom Half of the Lid

Next we will remove the bottom half of our lid. We will do this by taking our scissors or knife and cutting down the connected edge of the lid. After you remove this piece, save it. We will need it later on.

Step 3: Insert the Pump

To insert the pump, we first need to make a small rectangular hole in the middle of our top half. I found that the pump fits more snug when you make the incisions shown in the picture. When you have finished making the cut, shove the bottle through the opening and tape in the back for extra support. Keep the rectangular piece that you cut out of the lid.

Step 4: Quick Side Tangent

If you are reading this before September 14th, 2020, please consider supporting me by voting for this entry in the Recycled Speed Challenge. This is my first Instructable EVER an it would be AWESOME to at least have a fighting chance in my first contest. I hope that you can help me, as I am looking to help you with this creation. Thank you for reading... now onto the next step!

Step 5: Final Toutches

For our last steps, we will stand our dispenser upright and take our cardboard rectangle and tape or glue it to the mouth of the pump. Then, we can take the bottom part of the lid and insert it into the box, that way it will catch any loose drops of hand sanitizer that fall out of the mouth after use. And there you have it! Your very own Vans box hand Sanitizer Pump! I hope you liked this Instructable, and again, please consider voting for this entry in the Recycled Speed Challenge! Expect other creative builds like this, and I'll see you guys Nexxxxtttt Timmmeeee!

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