Introduction: DIY, Virtually Painless, Nose Hair Plucker

Nose Hairs have been a bother for men, from the dawn of mankind. In those days they were needed to keep the bugs out. In those days, sleeping in the brush amidst the insect world was their way of life. For the cave dweller, and for people of our time. The issue of keeping insects from creeping into our nasal passages has always remained. Even when we sleep, our nose hairs stand guard at each entrance, ready to cause our bodies to react in violent opposition against any little creature from getting in.

In 2014, however, we have a controversy of why nose hairs exist.

Almost every health care professional in the world claims that dust is the enemy that our nose hairs filter out, and not necessarily insects. ref:

This instructible is going to demonstrate that we have a few things to learn about our nose hairs. First off, that they can come out safely, easily, and even painlessly. Furthermore, and most importantly is that now should be the time to change the way people think about those ugly little things in our noses. We will now be waking to the fact that nose hairs are not so healthy for you, if they are years old. This instructible will teach you step-by-step on making your own tool to almost effortlessly and painlessly remove them.

First realize that dust particles are quite a bit smaller than any insect, and especially smaller than the hairs standing guard against them. As you can see in the pictures above, dust particles are extremely small. They are magnified views of a strait pin, along side nose hairs, with dust particles on the head of the pin.

Step 1: Nose Hair Plucker Design (introduction 2-of-7)

After you realized that dust particles are so small that hundreds of them can fit on the head of a pin, also notice that in an average person over 30, nose hairs are spaced so far apart from each other that dust particles can easily fly between them as we breath through them. Those little dust particles can then zoom right up into the nasal passage, where there are zillions of moist microscopic cilia waiting to catch some of the dust, deep within the sinus cavity. The above picture is of nose hairs from an average male 40.

Step 2: Nose Hair Plucker Design (introduction 3-of-7)

By now you should have recognized that dust particles flow easily, right past nostril hairs. The rest of the dust that gets by nostril hair accumulates within other parts of our breathing passages where it gets mixed with mucus, is digested and carried away with the waste.

Step 3: Nose Hair Plucker Design (introduction 4-of-7)

Generally, dust particles are smaller than what nostril hairs, spaced too widely, have the capacity to catch. What we blow from our noses is usually only dried condensed mucus. If you blow out a little dust it is what may have been trapped within the cilia deep inside your nasal cavities.

Strangely enough, the air we breathe on a normal day contains some dust. But, this type of dust, generally does little harm to the body, provided it is not laced with toxic pollutants.

A single insect, however could very quickly cause severe injury, if not an immeasurable amount of raging discomfort.

Step 4: Nose Hair Plucker Design (introduction 5-of-7)

In this day and age, where most of us sleep peacefully under comfy roofs, within air-filtered homes, with screens on our windows, and flyswatters ready, insects are less of a concern. We may therefore infer that, in the past, nose hairs were needed. For many people of the 21st century however, it is self evident that nose hairs serve as, not much more than, an ugly nuisance.

Children grow through their entire childhood without the kind of thick ugly nose hairs that many men over thirst are bothered by. If children don't have these thick unruly nose hairs, why should adults? ( one might ask.)
One answer is that the openings of a child's nostrils are much smaller and the hairs are much thinner but they are still there to some extent. But could adults do without them? The answer for many men over 30 is a resounding "YES". For those who find them repulsive and bothersome, there is a remarkably safe and easy way to eliminate them.

These instructions will teach you how to make a little device that will help you clear out every bothersome and/or ugly hair from your nostrils, quickly, safely and easily. But first, let's talk about ways that have been used up until now to resolve this issue. (Trimming, Cutting, Tweezing, and Plucking)

Some stores carry the types of products in the above picture, while other stores don't.

Step 5: Nose Hair Plucker Design (introduction 6-of-7)

There are nose hair trimmers and special tweezers, scissors and hemostats which people have used for decades. These instruments are as difficult to use as they are dangerous. It is not uncommon to pinch, cut and/or pierce the delicate tissues inside your nostril, with one of these devices.

Using rotating bladed nose hair trimmers may be frightening to some, however they are less grueling to use. But for many people the discomfort which follows the stubble after-growth is far from appealing.

There is now however, a better way. With a simple device that you can easily make at home, with parts from your local hardware store, you can clean out both nostrils in just a few minutes, without any need to use a mirror.

Step 6: Nose Hair Plucker Design (introduction 7-of-7)

This little device uses a little spring which expands, at one end. As the spring stretches it allows hairs to enter into its coils. It doesn't expand wide enough to allow any skin to enter it. Yet, while it may not be impossible to pinch your skin with this device, it would be difficult, even if you tried.

While widening the spring's coils, hairs will slide between them. The nose hairs then get locked into the spring when the coils are relaxed. When the spring is pulled away, the hairs come with it. Funny thing is, it does this remarkably easily. Another benefit with using a spring in this manner is that hairs come out with little, to no pain.

Disclaimer: Not everyone will have the same results. (at least, not at first.)

Step 7: HOW TO MAKE a Virtually Painless, Easy Nose Hair Plucker (instructions 1-of 13)

We can talk theories about why there's little pain pulling out nose hairs when using the proper tool, but first let's find out how to make an easy nose hair plucker yourself, here within this Instructible.
You will need the following tools for this project.
1.) a spring, similar in diameter to a drinking straw
2.) a couple types of pliers, (a needle nose and a standard type)
3.) a wire cutters (to cut the spring)
4.) a fine-thread key file, and a metal flat file
5.) one carpentry nail (file or grind the point to flatten it)
6.) --optional-- a grinder (to more quickly flatten the nail)
7.) some electrical tape

Step 8: HOW TO MAKE a Virtually Painless, Easy Nose Hair Plucker (instructions 2-of 13)

First find a little extension spring that has about the same size diameter of a drinking straw from your local hardware store. Remember that it should be stainless steel, with smooth round coils, that fit tightly together in its relaxed state.

It should not be a weak spring. It should be kind'a tough, so you might want to try a few different kinds to see what suits your own quality and taste.

Step 9: HOW TO MAKE a Virtually Painless, Easy Nose Hair Plucker (instructions 3-of 13)

Next, open up one end of the spring by cutting it. (if it is not already open)

Step 10: HOW TO MAKE a Virtually Painless, Easy Nose Hair Plucker (instructions 4-of 13)

Then, take the other end of the spring, cut it and slightly squeeze the end, by bending it inward till it looks something like this. If you screw it up just cut the end off and try again till you get it right. It might take a few times for practice. When you get something that looks ok, you may need to file smooth any pointed edges with a fine threaded file.

Step 11: HOW TO MAKE a Virtually Painless, Easy Nose Hair Plucker (instructions 5-of 13)

You should work with the end that you bent inward, continuing to bend it, till it looks safe enough to enter your nose without any danger of a sharp edge poking out from the spring. (Similar to this) You may need to use more than one form of pliers to do this.

Step 12: HOW TO MAKE a Virtually Painless, Easy Nose Hair Plucker (instructions 6-of 13)

Next, file down the tip of a carpentry nail so that the tip is flat, as shown in the picture below. Filing the nail will take a little bit of time.

Step 13: HOW TO MAKE a Virtually Painless, Easy Nose Hair Plucker (instructions 7-of 13)

You may want to use a grinder to help speed the project along.

Step 14: HOW TO MAKE a Virtually Painless, Easy Nose Hair Plucker (instructions 8-of 13)

Next, push the nail into the spring. The nail should be about 1/2 inch longer than the spring.

Pushing will open the spring's coils just a little bit. It shouldn't take much pressure, pushing on the nail, to do this. The spring's coils should not open more than a millimeter. (about the thickness of 4 sheets of printer paper)

Step 15: HOW TO MAKE a Virtually Painless, Easy Nose Hair Plucker (instructions 9-of 13)

Next, wrap electrical tape around the spring similar to this. But take your time. The tape need NOT be very tight. Wrap a bit more of the tape around the end of the spring near the plunger. (nail-head) This will provide a holding spot for your fingers while your thumb can push on the plunger.

Step 16: HOW TO MAKE a Virtually Painless, Easy Nose Hair Plucker (instructions 10-of 13)

Grasp your new easy nose hair plucker tool firmly and use the spring end to make it work the way you want it to. Now you can see how this thing works. You can see that it is a bit strange at first but after a few uses it is almost completely painless. Far less that what women experience with pulling out their eye-brows and they do that all the time.

So now, you may clear your nose of those disgusting old toxic nose hairs almost effortlessly and with confidence, knowing that your nose will be healthier than it has been in years.

Step 17: HOW TO MAKE a Virtually Painless, Easy Nose Hair Plucker (instructions 11-of 13)

You may keep it in your pocket, but it is recommended to use a little pouch or container to keep the parts together. The nail will easily fall out of the spring as it is, within this set of instructions.

Step 18: HOW TO MAKE a Virtually Painless, Easy Nose Hair Plucker (instructions 12-of 13)

Take care to keep it clean and show it off where you know people will appreciate it. (OR NOT!)

Take it where ever you want to go, or you could go find a better nose hair plucker if there is even one available on eBay or in stores.... Who knows? You could do even better..

Step 19: HOW TO MAKE a Virtually Painless, Easy Nose Hair Plucker (instructions 13-of 13)

You can pluck on a plane, or pluck on a train. You can pluck in a car or you can pluck on a star. You need not go very far, just pluck where you are. The choice is yours. The best part is, you created you own first homemade, easy and safe nose hair plucker, on your own, and it shouldn't have cost as much as buying one. (but there's no guarantees, it may cost more.) Either way, now you can have a healthier nose with cleaner nostrils, the way you had when you were young.

Now isn't that how you prefer your nostrils to feel, anyways?
And isn't that the way lovers prefer their partner's to be?
Free from those ugly nose hairs? That's Nasal Hygiene.