Introduction: DIY Wall Decor for Everyone!

Hello Everyone,

I have come up with a very simple and easy-to-make wall hanging decor that fits perfectly into any environment.

Almost all the supplies used for the project are waste materials, readily available at most homes so you don't need to concern yourself with the complexity of the project! also, you need no knowledge about knitting.

Necessary pics of the project have been added at appropriate places.


You don't need to buy most of the things mentioned below, as this project can be made using waste materials. (Also since you are locked up at home)

  • Yarn (of course) of multiple colors (preferably of the same gradient)
  • Thread
  • A circular rubber cutout
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Cardboard piece (very small)
  • and a layman knowledge on knitting


  • Match sticks
  • Glitter
  • Beads
  • Other decors

Step 1: Step 1 : Making Pom Poms

First, we need to make the pompoms ready!

Substep1 :

Take a long piece of yarn and tie it around a tiny piece of cardboard about 20-25 times.

Substep2 :

Now, remove the roll of yarn and tie it with a piece of thread. Next cut two ends of the roll to get a bunch of yarn pieces.

Your pompom is now officially ready!

Make as many as pompoms you want ( in case you're following our approach, make 21).

Step 2: Step 2 : Make a Pompom Bunch

The next step is to group the pompoms into 3 (or any other number). Preferably group pompoms of alternate color to make the bunch more beautiful.

Later you will have knit the pompoms (don't get distracted it's very easy). First, get the needle through the pompoms and knot them up. Also do not forget to leave the threads hanging the pompoms as long as possible.

Now, the bunch is also ready!

Step 3: Step 3 : Attaching the Bunch

Finally, you have to hang the pompom bunches height-wise (in ascending order), maintaining a constant distance on a circular ring*

*I've used a rubber ring used as you can make a ring from cardboard, aluminium also(it doesn't make a difference)

Then, decorate the ring with matchsticks, color paper and everything that you can get your hand onto.

Step 4: Step 4 : Beautify Your Decor

Lastly, attach thread to three equidistant points on the rubber circle.

Beautify your wall hanging decor with beads, glitter, etc.

Your decor is now ready!

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