Introduction: DIY Wall Storage With Pegboard

About: DIY Storage Ideas and Plans Using wood brackets to create shelving systems, wall shelves, hang curtains, hang pictures, store shoes.

This is a wall storage unit that can help add more storage space in your home. It’s great for storing books, displaying decor or hanging pictures.

I don’t have a lot of floor space so I built this unit with a small footprint. What I wanted was to use the unused vertical space on the wall. There is a lot more vertical space in my apartment than floor space.

The shelf brackets and pegboard get screwed to the 2×4 timber stud using timber screws. There is no need to drill or screw anything into the wall which saves having to spackle and paint. A great time saver if you are a renter like me.

The timber posts are easy to set up using Labrico 2×4 Adjuster brackets. There is a top and bottom bracket which pop on each end of the 2×4. The top bracket is tightened against the ceiling by turning the adjusting screw.
It’s held there by tension and no tools are required.

You can customize your wall storage unit to suit your space. You can:

  • add a couple more shelves
  • have shelves that span across the 3 beams (rather than the zig-zag design)
  • hooks for pictures


  • 2×4 Wood post vertical x 3
  • 7” x 9” shelf brackets x 8
  • 40 cm x 24 cm pine board shelf x 4
  • 86cm x 60 cm pegboard x 1
  • Pack of 1 ¼” wood screws for pegboard
  • Pack of ¾” Wood screws for shelf bracket

Step 1: Choose the Location

Select location.

The Labrico 2×4 Adjuster brackets need a flat and sturdy ceiling and floor.

Check the ceiling and floor.

Step 2: Calculate the Length of 2x4 Timber You Need

To calculate the length of 2x4 timber you need to buy, use this calculation.

Ceiling height minus 95mm (3.7") = 2x4 length

Tip: The hardware store can cut the wood for free or sometimes they charge a small fee per cut. It saves having to do it yourself.

Step 3: Pop on the Brackets

Pop on the upper and bottom bracket onto the wood post.

The bracket with the adjusting screw goes on the top of the timber.

Step 4: Position the Timber

Lift the wood post into place.

Step 5: Fasten Bracket to the Ceiling

Turn the adjusting screw clockwise to tighten the upper cap against the ceiling.

Step 6: Check the Level

Use a spirit level to check the wood post is vertical.

If not, loosen the adjusting screw and reposition.

Step 7: Setup the Framework

Setup the 3 posts 30cm (11.8”) apart.

Step 8: Put the Shelves Together

Install the 9” x 7” shelf brackets

The 9” length attaches on the shelf

The 7” length attaches to the timber post

Step 9: Install the Shelves

Fasten the first shelf to the post.

I have put on some dimensions which you can use as a guide.

Otherwise, you can choose your shelf height to suit your needs.

Step 10: Install Shelves

Install the other shelves.

Step 11: Install the Pegboard

Install the pegboard.

I sat my pegboard at the same height as the top shelf – 120cm (47.2”).

Choose a height that suits

Step 12: