Introduction: Hang Plants Over the Kitchen Counter (without Damaging the Wall)

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This is a simple set of instructions to follow to hang your plants in your kitchen.

But rather than having the plants on a floor stand or shelf, I hung my plants over the kitchen counter instead using plant and macrame hangers.

It was an easy way to bring greenery to the kitchen without taking up valuable counter space.

I used Labrico 2x4 Adjuster brackets to setup a vertical post on the kitchen counter. Then fastened 3 plant hangers onto the vertical post.

Told you it was easy.

With you plants off the floor, I don't have to worry about my kids (or pets) knocking them over. I also don't have to worry about the Landlord, who wouldn't be too pleased about my putting some extra holes in the wall.

I hung regular indoor plants but an idea would be to hang and grow herbs.


To build the timber post
  • Metal plant brackets x 3
  • Macrame plant hanger x 3

Step 1: Check the Ceiling Is Sturdy

Choose a suitable location.

Check the ceiling is flat and sturdy.

Note: the Labrico 2×4 Adjuster brackets cannot be used on a sloped ceiling

Step 2: Calculate the Length of Timber You Need

To calculate the length of 2x4 timber you need to buy, use this calculation.

Ceiling height - 95mm (3.7") = 2x4 length

Tip: The hardware store can cut the wood for free or sometimes they charge a small fee per cut. It saves having to do it yourself.

Step 3: Pop on the Labrico Brackets

Place the upper bracket and bottom bracket on the stud post.

The top cap has the adjusting screw.

Step 4: Lift the Post Into Place

Lift the wood post into position.

Step 5: Check the Post Is Vertical

Check the wood post is vertical by using a spirit level.

TIP: For an online spirit level, download “Bubble Level” for free from the iphone app store.

Step 6: Tighten the Adjusting Screw

Turn the adjusting screw clockwise to tighten the upper cap against the ceiling.

Check that the timber post is sturdy.

Step 7: Get Your Tools and Hardware Ready

By following steps 1 to 6, you should have the timber post setup on the counter top.

Get your hardware and tools ready

Step 8: Space Out Your Plant Hangers

On the timber post, mark the location for your 3 plant hangers.

You can have the plant hangers on either side of the timber post. It's up to you how you lay it out.

Drill pilot holes for each plant hanger.

Step 9: Secure the Plant Hangers to the Post

Fasten the plant hangers to the wood post.

The plant brackets I bought feature a hummingbird, which are common where I live (Vancouver, Canada).

Step 10: Hang Some Plants

The plant hanger is finished.

Time to hang some plants!